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  1. That is not a rod for 7.2 gram spinners. See under the name of the rod where it says test. That's the tackle weight your rod is made for. Hope you find a good setup.
  2. Where do you buy those things that you put on the line to cast a specific distance? Clippers, or whatever they're called...
  3. Ruts


    People might think whatever they want about cooking skills and other things that are added, but there is enough stuff in this game even before it's finished to keep most of us coming back. I think it's the depth of this game that makes it different from others where you just cast your line and hit lmb to reel it in. Cooking skills will give it even more depth. I doubt it will be necessary for everyone to lvl cooking, but the option will be there for those who want to. Just like lure making or any other skill that isn't essential to your actual fishing skills. In the end, this is the best fishing game on the market, and we all know it. Let's enjoy it. I hope they never add those waders, btw. Haha...
  4. Ruts

    Baits Q&A

    Are there more scoops than one, or is the Scoop for bloodworms for algae as well?
  5. Ruts

    Kuori Lake

    For spinning, see Chey's post above, for bottom fishing you can try using mayfly and mayfly larva as bait. At night, nightcrawler works well for burbot instead of using pieces of fish. If you do go for spinning and use low lvl equipment keep your fingers over alt+f4, there are some very big fish in this lake who like to take your lures and run. Tight lines!
  6. Ruts


    Are you trying to say that fishing IRL doesn't have a random factor? That's not my experience at all. I think the game reflects the true nature of fishing quite well, better than any other game on the market, in fact. I agree that the game would need more information than a sentence or two when skills are concerned. Skill points are few and far between, so you don't want to waste them, and the information supplied isn't saying that much.
  7. Ruts


    AstraV1c, all of those people have over a year in the game, so they can't be from Steam. What are you trying to say?
  8. Ruts


    I would like to know more about food and how it works. It doesn't seem detrimental to your health and energy if you just don't bother to eat at all, and as an added benefit, you will never be full when you want to chug down some coke, alcohol and candy bars to get a quick boost to energy. Have I understood correctly this correctly, that there's no drawbacks and only benefits to not eating at the moment?
  9. Ruts


    Thanks for the info, Pindobinha. Hadn't noticed that, would be a lot easier to do it the same way you do with tournament chat, but at least there's a way then.
  10. Ruts


    Hi, I have a couple of questions about chat. Me and some friends have started our own group, but I see no way of getting out of the group once you're in. Is there a way? The reason this might be a problem is that you can't see the chat from the area you're at when you're in a group, not the fish caught either, and if you're new to Bear for example, this makes it even harder to get info and fish there. Is there plans to implement a way to switch between area chat and group chat in the same way that you can switch between tourney chat and group chat? That would really help, imho.
  11. Ruts


    There is always sure to be ppl who are very lucky, very unlucky and some have better knowledge of the game than others. I just want to say that I looked at Lady of Games playing at Belaya with a lvl 12 character without premium yesterday, she got about 2k xp in 3 hours. She has better knowledge about the game than others, but also takes her time doing other things when she streams, so that eats up what she gains by good knowledge. Now, Lady was feeder fishing with two rods and was using a telescopic most of the time, so she wasn't casting with a spinning rod, which might have affected the result quite a lot. That said, I wouldn't expect the average lvl 12 to get more than 5k xp in the same amount of time, since they rarely have a great selection of lures that they can use anyway, and that isn't very good. Remember, I am not talking about what one person can do, but averages. I would never recommend a friend to go here at lvl 12 instead of going to Ol' Burg.
  12. Ruts


    I heard this river was going to be for spin fishing, but I am having just as good results, if not better, fishing with feeder rods. Judging by the fish above, I am not alone.
  13. They said this issue will be fixed with a patch late Sunday night, so well in time to make use of the big discounts.
  14. Sorry, can't do that. The money are in a steam account now. Will have to wait for the fix.
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