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  1. Kelly S


    Winding Rivulet - Freshwater Crayfish & Gudgeon Coords: 108:124 Clip: 8 Bait: Redworm Looking to finish Winding's trophy card and noticed this spot was active again. I also caught several fish here that appears on trophy card (white bream, perch, chub, donets ruffe). Another one has been crossed off my list ^^ Trophy Freshwater Crayfish: Gear: Trophy Gudgeon: Gear:
  2. Kelly S


    Volkhov River - Vimba Coords: 164:109 Clip: 27 Bait: Nightcawler Finally got my Vimba trophy on my 2nd attempt \o/ I tried last night with groundbait and didn't get any over 1.1kg, so I took the gb off today and got this one in about 20 fish ^^ Good luck for trophy card! Trophy: Gear:
  3. Map: Old Burg Spot: 21:67 Bait: Honey Dough Challenge Fish:
  4. Kelly S


    Winding Rivulet - Chub Coords: 107:100 Clip: 8-10 Bait: Grasshopper Groundbait: Custom (see pic below) Someone discovered some working groundbait at the normal Chub spot, so I decided to try it out and found me a few chubby Chubs :3 Trophies: Gear: Groundbait:
  5. Kelly S


    Belaya River - Ruffe Coords: 71:58 Clip: 8 Bait: Redworm Finally got it \o/ Trophy: Gear:
  6. Kelly S


    Belaya River - Freshwater Crayfish Coords: 71:58 Clip: 8 Bait: Worm Was trying for a Ruffe trophy, but got this one instead ^^ Trophy: Gear:
  7. Map: Belaya Spot: 71:37 Lure: Spiker #2 011 Challenge Fish:
  8. Map: Ladoga Lake Spot: 53:65 Bait: Mayfly Larva Challenge Fish:
  9. Kelly S


    Old Burg Lake - White Bream Coords: 52:32 Depth: 1.8 Bait: Sweet Dough + Sweet Dough Thanks to @Kole S for the spot Trophy: Gear:
  10. Kelly S


    Seversky Donets River - Donets Ruffe Coords: 72:160 Clip: 8 Bait: Redworm This was a random, yet wonderful, surprise Trophy: Gear:
  11. Kelly S


    Ladoga Lake - Char Coords: 50:47 Clip: None Method: Jigging Lure: Foam Rubber Fish My 2 days of jigging at Ladoga paid off Trophy: Gear:
  12. Kelly S


    Winding Rivulet - Chub Coords: 106:93 Clip: 20m Cast: SE Lure: Spinner #1 06 Day 3 of Chub Trophy Hunting: Did a birthday competition with @Kole S for Chubs and pulled this guy in! It was a great birthday surprise Trophy: Gear:
  13. Kelly S


    Volkhov River - Nase Coords: 71:100 Clip: 25m Cast: S Bait: Algae Groundbait: Custom (thanks @Kole S <3) Saw this spot on rf4spots and wanted to try for a Blue Bream Got this guy instead! It's on the trophy card, so I will take it Trophy: Gear: Groundbait:
  14. Kelly S


    Seversky Donets River - Pumpkinseed Sunfish Coords: 72:160 Depth: 80cm Cast: Right on the other side of the weeds (~50% for me) Bait: Redworm I got one of my favorite fish as a trophy \o/ I have officially mounted my fist trophy Trophy: Gear:
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