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  1. some more translation typo's/skipped : in the store, last four lines are all called deep grey leaders: Last one should be called GR when making hinged leader: the 35cm one shows as 25cm
  2. Is there an actual difference between crushed boilies size 16 and crushed boilies size 22 of the same brand and flavour?
  3. I'm thinking if this is really about the cheaters and bots, there should be other options you can can explore before this draconic measure you are about to take. You would need to use some Social Network Analyses (SNA) software tool to analyze the large datasets you probably have to identify hubs, influencers, etcetera in the network and visualize and identify clusters of interconnected peers. That way you could get an overview of the problem and maybe disrupt entire clusters of bots/cheaters. Maybe give items a UIN so you can follow how it travels in the networks, stuff like that.
  4. Darkje

    Bear Lake

    good to see you're back
  5. ok, so should i resend my result without the picture?
  6. Hi, It seems for some people the forum tournament rules and what they have to submit are not totally clear. (See yin/yang signup). I think it's mostly the part where it says 'wrong player-names, wrong results or different data formats .rar/.zip are not evaluated' but it's not totally clear what you do have to send. I participated in the Anaconda one and like to make sure i did it the right way too. What I submitted is my IGN and the weight of the fish in text format followed by a screenshot (png) of the fish. Hoping this is right format, but i can imagine you don't want your mailbox flooded with png screenshots of several megabytes. So can you please clear this up a bit more, possibly with an example of how you want the results to be submitted? Regards, Darkje
  7. IGN: Darkje I'd like to participate again please.
  8. I got snagged without the snagged indicator lighting up, i've heared about this before, so i'm sure you are aware and i'll just post the location: old burg 61:14, 5m in NW direction.
  9. Sure, i'll give the anaconda a shot IGN: Darkje
  10. Darkje

    Bear Lake

    46:60 is back ... the circle is closed now
  11. Darkje


    no water splashes when casting on this river?
  12. lemme guess...: stack golden imp. 8 times and some other alc ? golden imp @ ~16% per time adds up nicely...
  13. Darkje


    how did you add mayfly larva to you groundbait?
  14. fortuna carp xh is an extra 5.5kg vs westhill-wingate xh , but despite that it's hard to make up for an extra 7 skill points in carp rods without having +1 in feeder from that wingate, imo... okay you can cast a bit further with that fortuna carp, but i think carp rods should be a bit more diverse and extended... so that 7 extra skill points would be worth it...
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