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  1. Darkje

    Player created content

    I've taken the liberty to download 1.3a from the Russian forums and upload it to my google drive to share it here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/128Ea8FcsRYZOWcIVkyDyoeglwYJz1z1e/view?usp=sharing
  2. Darkje

    Player created content

    To me the scale is not known, i'm afraid. 20m seems a low estimate and 50 might be on the high side ... i guesstimate 40m
  3. Darkje

    Player created content

    Shamon send me the link for the latest version of his map program. This is version 1.2b. example screenshot: you can downlaod it from this link: https://yadi.sk/d/PD_3X3dW3ZvGTi
  4. Darkje


    no water splashes when casting on this river?
  5. Darkje

    Are small hooks worthless? (Sizes 11-18)

    i mostly use them for baitfish... but still sometimes get a larger fish on them, even on #20
  6. Darkje

    Leather Carp

    lemme guess...: stack golden imp. 8 times and some other alc ? golden imp @ ~16% per time adds up nicely...
  7. Darkje

    Cottage Pond

    ha i was frogging at cottage yesterday, and the frogs seemed to take off very fast. a couple of times one even jumped out of the water when going for the bait (fly)
  8. Darkje

    Technical Issues

    I don't know Darren, for me 2560x1440 works fine on low old gtx 660 ti (not best settings ofcourse but still nice and 30+fps most of the time) ... maybe the settings file got corrupted, have you tried deleting it and restarting the game? It's [systemdrive]:\Users\[windows username]\AppData\Roaming\RussianFishingLLC\RussianFishing4EN\settings.dat
  9. Darkje

    Steam Release

    I'm guessing, but in that i think it's just logical soon we'll be able to sync our accounts... and of course also the steam wallet will be working,...
  10. Darkje

    Steam Release

    congrats, i hope this works out as expected!
  11. Darkje


    how did you add mayfly larva to you groundbait?
  12. Darkje

    Player created content

    I found this mapping program pretty useful: Only this is not the latest version, it has some bugs (when you set a point you must fill in all fields with at least a space, if you don't next time you start it, it won't load)... so I tried to find the updated one and did in the Russian rf4 forums. There is an updated .exe in there, you can use but you need an account to download that attach. https://rf4game.ru/forum/index.php?/topic/144-разработки-наших-пользователей/&page=8&tab=comments#comment-73359 I'm not sure if it is okay, so I won't put a link up, but I took the liberty to make an updated package. You can message me if you want it. All credits should go to Shamon of course!
  13. Darkje

    Feeder Fishing Q&A

    fortuna carp xh is an extra 5.5kg vs westhill-wingate xh , but despite that it's hard to make up for an extra 7 skill points in carp rods without having +1 in feeder from that wingate, imo... okay you can cast a bit further with that fortuna carp, but i think carp rods should be a bit more diverse and extended... so that 7 extra skill points would be worth it...
  14. Darkje


    np man, we're not trying to gain an unfair advantage, most will be perfectly happy to get their silver back or change them for other baits everyone can have.
  15. Darkje


    I'm not even going to argue about it, all has been said. Some had them, some bought them, most believed when they were told they could use them. I gave my opinion and willmal gave his, we differ... end of story. fun fact: they already stopped working last week, if they wouldn't have told us that they removed it from diet no one would have noticed for a while. willmal: arcturus posted a link to that post, scroll up a bit.
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