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  1. ok, so should i resend my result without the picture?
  2. Hi, It seems for some people the forum tournament rules and what they have to submit are not totally clear. (See yin/yang signup). I think it's mostly the part where it says 'wrong player-names, wrong results or different data formats .rar/.zip are not evaluated' but it's not totally clear what you do have to send. I participated in the Anaconda one and like to make sure i did it the right way too. What I submitted is my IGN and the weight of the fish in text format followed by a screenshot (png) of the fish. Hoping this is right format, but i can imagine you don't want your mailbox flooded with png screenshots of several megabytes. So can you please clear this up a bit more, possibly with an example of how you want the results to be submitted? Regards, Darkje
  3. IGN: Darkje I'd like to participate again please.
  4. Sure, i'll give the anaconda a shot IGN: Darkje
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