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  1. Let's hope someone will care to explain a bit more accurate, seems a bit odd wear on the rings would reduce the capacity of the rod.
  2. Yea I've read that too, but interpreted it like: the mech will break easier when the reel is used with friction locked, not like the friction capacity is reduced when the mech is worn.
  3. I agree it would be nice to show the actual capacity you are down to, but I don't think it adds up the way you think. For example the line guides, I don't think they influence the capacity of the rod at all, just the resistance/wear the line gets while casting and reeling in. Also with your method you would get over 100% if say 3 parts are at 50%? Moderators, correct me if I'm wrong of course i don't know the facts but this is what I guess.
  4. to add to this, he's got 2 spin and 1 carp ranks, but i see 0 telescopic on his profile, so there is something odd going on there.
  5. I see this on my profile: My friends see this: i think that means 'description not found'
  6. I agree it should not be to the edge, but 0.5 cm is too much and will decrease the casting distance irl., i usually keep to about 2mm and don't cast any bird nests. When compared to other reels in the game it looks like all of those are wrong then, if it would follow that 5mm rule?
  7. A while back the look of the best spinning reel in the game -the Venga 10000- changed. This reel is expensive and should look good, and it did before the change. The spool looked like what you would expect from a 10k model, big and bold. But now the spool looks kind of narrow and elongated, never looks fills with line and the line on the spool looks odd. Also the the bail-arm never reaches the top of the spool in the animation. Did the models get mixed up somehow? Picture shows the old on the left and the new on the right, and I think we can all agree the left one looked better. I'm not complaining about the functioning, that seems okay to me.
  8. some more translation typo's/skipped : in the store, last four lines are all called deep grey leaders: Last one should be called GR when making hinged leader: the 35cm one shows as 25cm
  9. Is there an actual difference between crushed boilies size 16 and crushed boilies size 22 of the same brand and flavour?
  10. I'm thinking if this is really about the cheaters and bots, there should be other options you can can explore before this draconic measure you are about to take. You would need to use some Social Network Analyses (SNA) software tool to analyze the large datasets you probably have to identify hubs, influencers, etcetera in the network and visualize and identify clusters of interconnected peers. That way you could get an overview of the problem and maybe disrupt entire clusters of bots/cheaters. Maybe give items a UIN so you can follow how it travels in the networks, stuff like that.
  11. Darkje

    Bear Lake

    good to see you're back
  12. ok, so should i resend my result without the picture?
  13. Hi, It seems for some people the forum tournament rules and what they have to submit are not totally clear. (See yin/yang signup). I think it's mostly the part where it says 'wrong player-names, wrong results or different data formats .rar/.zip are not evaluated' but it's not totally clear what you do have to send. I participated in the Anaconda one and like to make sure i did it the right way too. What I submitted is my IGN and the weight of the fish in text format followed by a screenshot (png) of the fish. Hoping this is right format, but i can imagine you don't want your mailbox flooded with png screenshots of several megabytes. So can you please clear this up a bit more, possibly with an example of how you want the results to be submitted? Regards, Darkje
  14. IGN: Darkje I'd like to participate again please.
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