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  1. Kache


    Actually, you are correct, mono is more elastic. I did the cut and paste from note pad in the wrong spot. Good catch and many thanks. Fixed in the original post now.
  2. Kache


    You actually gave the answer in your first few words. You are using a very thin braid, this is much less visible to fish than a thicker line, also the color can help it to blend in depending on the color of the water. An important thing to know is that different line types have more or less stretch and shock absorption. Mono is the most elastic, Fluorocarbon is second and braid is the least elastic. So bear in mind that when you use braid, it is the rod that provides the majority of elasticity. This raises the risk of rod wear as a result.
  3. The information on setting drag and reeling speed are included in the spin fishing tutorial on Winding Rivulet. Also, a 'Tackle 101' series is currently in process that will give detailed information on all major equipment!
  4. The Germany locations were an example of some nodes with issues, not the only ones with issues.
  5. Hey guys, I have left this post open so you guys can express your opinions about things and also to make it clear that we are not 'killing posts we don't like'. However, keep the posts free of foul language or I will have to lock the thread. I am confident that you guys can be civil. Thanks Kache
  6. It is not really a case of 'best' rather it is a case of staying connected. If you have DC issues try switching modes.
  7. Thank you Callaghan1. @everyone I know that you guys have been waiting for a resolution to this situation and we apologize that there has been no new info. The coders have been completely focused on the DC problem. All any of us can do is wait to see. I have put the question to our devs about the situation and still waiting to hear back from them.
  8. I am not a dev. As for the devs they have been told about all the complaints you guys have, that is why I started this thread. They have had nothing to say on the matter so far. I have sent an inquiry and hopefully will have an answer for you guys soon.
  9. No, currently there are many more important matters on the table like the disconnect issues.
  10. O.k. gents, this has gotten way off the road here. The point of this post is to put up your rigs and an example of what you feel is wrong along with a clear explanation. @Rudolf We appreciate your support but this is not the place to debate this. @Darkje 3.47 k = 9.8 lb, that is as much as two gallons of milk and does not include the dynamics of the fish using the water to rush/fight. @deadspirit25 power is a measure of weight capacity here in the game, the action is a measure of bend dynamics.
  11. Thank you guys for all your candid input. I will admit that I stirred the pot a little so that people would not hold back. I wanted to give this post some time before responding since I wanted others to have their say and my point is not leaping to the defense of the game. I guess, my intention was not clear. I was trying to support you Azorees . We have indeed lost players and we are not the hot topic of streamers any longer. That is why I said, " I am certain that you are both experienced and sincere and I am not attacking you or shooting down your opinion." I was trying to note that while many practice 'doomsaying' that I felt your post was thoughtful. I also was simply trying to explain why you got the results you did with size 6 hook.
  12. If you ask a question on the English Language forum it does end up in the hands of a USA mod / Admin. Each region has a support staff / Forum to ensure there is no language barrier. 1) Russian Fishing LLC 2)Moscow Russia 3) No, there is a single development team.
  13. Kache


    Sorry no. Accessing the api is considered against policy since.
  14. Yes, it does have an effect. Anything new helps
  15. Thanks for that input
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