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  1. Better than 3 now as well? Man I hope it's a no. Otherwise I have spent good silver on specialized rods when I could have just done it all with one. I mean it does make that certain part of the game less interesting if so. I'm trying to cope with 10% general being better than the precious points that I have held as my lord and saviour RNG-sus. I have not seen any actual numbers presented though so I'm still holding out.
  2. Thanks. A bit broad and not as specific as I hoped for, but I do get the notion (even though you hold % higher) that I can go on with the assumption that the +2 will be better for me when using those rigs affected by that than a general 10% would then. I'm not all that interested in comparing my 100% fishing results to someone else's 60%. All I wish to know is if my 110% would have better odds at scoring a trophy over my 100% +2. I'm spending quite a lot of time on this and it would be a shame if I wasn't being optimal while doing so. Maybe I should do Royal vs Bunessan first to three Donets Ruffe trophies to settle it. I'll come back in 2046 with the results.
  3. This that skill % was better than technique points regarding the chance of getting a trophy was brought up to me last week and I'm strongly doubtful. How would that make sense? One is unlocking techniques in the skill tree and the other states things like "the bigger the catch" and "the greater the chance of getting a trophy", yet the former gives the better boost? Where's the logic in that? But ok let's say that the 10% gives a slight general increase to everything and thus brings more total value than +2 for a specific rig. Is it still more beneficial for me to use Royal over Bunessan when hunting trophy with loop rig? And if so does this mean that the Royal in practice gives more than +2 to every rig? Something is rotten in the state of hidden soft stats.
  4. Akhtuba River - Short Barbie 51:85 - 17m
  5. So the wall in our house is where we can place out finest trophies. May it be the biggest and most impressive, a really rare one or just a fish you really like. I thought wouldn't it be nice if we could add a little note to it. Look at the fish and press key to read. Maybe just basic info of when and where we got it. Maybe a nice story on how it got caught, of the struggles it took to finally get it. Maybe someone will type something inappropriate. Woops. I think it would be a neat addition to make it a bit more personal, you know. A wall of memories.
  6. 55:63 - 22m in-game time 21:40, around 16 degrees and rain Wasn't feeling it and was just about to pack up when I got on something that looked like a strange Mirror Carp. Turned out to be the biggest goldie ever caught. Thought I might as well put it here in the archives.
  7. Ace and D could serve as a weight hint as well, so go get that 101g.
  8. Winding - 107:100 ULS Crank 3-003 Thought I would try getting that UL 4cm wobbler thing done at the chub spot. So I went there with the ULS set and found one they like. You want to be there at midnight.
  9. Belaya River 72:65 Blue Spiker is hot on the weekly and the weather made it a no-brainer. Sun off = blue on (or red, but red isn't blue). Caught 25 marked in about 30 minutes so good activity.
  10. Ladoga Lake 76:34 4,54m deep toward the lighthouse island Bonus catch: 3,8kg ide for the waterbody tele regional record edit: went to the spot after asking a chinese player where he found his 4kg Ludoga Whitefish, so yeah it delivered
  11. I take a quick look at the "i" whenever I go U-mode and am uncertain of what's on the rod. Sure it could be neat to name a setup but until that day I'm quite comfortable with how things are. Not sure why they call the PVA slot "foejhbnpcnb" though.
  12. Bear Lake 77:65 - 15m
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