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  1. The lantern is just a "luxury" tool for some added immersion. Fluffy content to spend silver on. I say save your silver and press the F-key. ..and then buy three of them when you're bored and silver is no longer something you think of when you play.
  2. Cobra question. The Kingfisher Legacy Throwing Stick is available in two diameters with three different length options; S, M and L. They all throw 5 pieces and have the same minimum throwing distance of 10m. The different widths and lengths all cost the same. S 10-33m M 10-50m L 10-77m I'm trying to figure out a reason as to why one would purchase anything other than a Large since it can throw the furthest with - seemingly - no drawbacks compared to the shorter ones (I doubt a few gram matters in any way). Is there any? Are Small and Medium there just for the sake of "content"?
  3. I'm sure that we all have made it a habit to check our clip settings when we start a session in case the game - for some arbitrary reason - have forgotten it. It's just a few quick key taps, no biggie. The clip issue that I experienced today thought is...of a different nature. So yesterday I was trolling Kuori with a 13m clip. Okay. Today I took the same rod, changed reel and line, and started free-casting from the shore in Yama. All is well. I closed the game for a short 10 minute break. I get on it again and at the first cast my lure stopped mid-air. The 13m clip was back. ...just how? Did the rod suddenly remember the setting from the previously mounted reel and decided to go with it? Just too bizarre not to share.
  4. Look at those puny peasant burbs still wearing the King's garment. Preposterous, I say.
  5. I like the implication that comes with "definitely". Sharing is caring. We'll love you long time.
  6. Kuori Lake 81:89 Lynns Minnow 80-003 AlternativeEgo
  7. What's up with the wilds no longer being wild? Trophies are parked like a lazy catfish, no fighting spirit.
  8. And motors. I will buy an electrical one with spot lock for 100.000 silver. I can also control its functions from the remote that is hanging around my neck without putting the rod away. Okay you drive a hard bargain, I pay 20.000 more for the remote. Hurry up and sell.
  9. I was once told that the fish strength RNG span is between -50% to +300%. Don't know where those numbers come from or how valid they are but such is game.
  10. Kuori parked at 82:89, jigging for a different kind of char...
  11. Winding River 110:125 10m / 2,05m Trophy Bream drift qualifier
  12. Game closed and can't get back in so we're in post maintenance hickup land.
  13. I see there have been weight changes to this fish, which was not mentioned in the patch notes, since 10kg isn't a tagged one anymore. Got any specific numbers?
  14. Guess I should have reported my 5789 then. Nice. :D
  15. Yeah well you can buy the stuff for gold without having to play at all, so there's that. And who are we winning against? And for what? It's quite the weak argument for RF4, in my opinion.
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