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  1. Yeah well you can buy the stuff for gold without having to play at all, so there's that. And who are we winning against? And for what? It's quite the weak argument for RF4, in my opinion.
  2. Yama River - Dolly Varden Trout 120:178 Not sure why Yama is suddenly being kind to me. Perhaps it was starting to feel really bad for how it has been treating me. As it should.
  3. Yama River - East Siberian Grayling 267:177 06:50 (sunny) Still find it odd that one of the waterbody's main selling points was "especially large grayling are found here" since not even that many regular sized ones are.
  4. Yama River - Chinook Salmon (its German name is way better) Was walking the doggo at 169:211 with hopes of not getting stuck on one of those but it's ok this time
  5. Bear Lake 55:31 Sweet Cream 20 pop + Cream flavour white corn AlternativeEgo
  6. Sometimes my crushed boilies get placed in the same slot and sometimes they get divided (all done in the same go). Why is that? Is there some hidden quality rating or just a random occurrence because reasons?
  7. The weather is still changing as usual, it's just the visual you got when you logged in that's stuck.
  8. Yeah the presented weather as I log in doesn't change. Had a restart and am now stuck with a sunny 11,8 degrees. Looks good but it's kinda hard to weather match lure colours (as I like to do to feel smart).
  9. So I'm fishing at Yama while watching a stream from the same place. The streamer had rainy weather while I had sun. He relogged and got cloudy. I'm still in the sun. Asked people at the spot in general chat and it turns out we have several different weather conditions. I'm stuck with sunny 18 degrees. I did have a period where I lost comfort faster than I should have so I'm guessing that the weather is changing as it should in the background while I'm working on a false tan. Funny that.
  10. My morning thoughts are more often unlucky than the later ones but here are two of them. 25% of that total cost goes to hooks that you can demount and reuse. Not optimal. Following that to 100% means that the crafting of all additional lures (which I assume you want to do) is not counted for the progression. Not optimal.
  11. Bear Lake 44:50 Cocos & Cream 22 pop + Coco & Cream flavor white AlternativeEgo
  12. Tunguska - 138:157 Went scouting for a new fresh E.S Grayling spot and found one in the F4 corner with decent pinks and lenoks on the side. So the brown popper dog finally got it right with its 4954th catch. I think it was stalling just to be the undisputed #1 used lure.
  13. Tunguska - 111:108 Brown Trout (I'm only in it for the E.S Grayling though. Game pls, I don't need a 15th brownie)
  14. Seversky Donets River - Pontic Shad (and Black Sea Shemaya) 166:131 - 1m depth
  15. Ladoga Lake 72:55 Wooden Jerk-Fat 140F-004 AlternativeEgo
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