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  1. Radarcos

    Report a Bug

    Hola, estoy contento por poder tener el juego en español, muchas gracias por la actualización, sin embargo, veo que no estoy todo conectado, la información del nuevo lago Ladoga está en inglés. Saludos.
  2. Radarcos


    Hola, por favor, ¿me podéis confirmar si estos dos cebos ya no tienen ningún uso y se pueden eliminar?
  3. Radarcos

    Report a Bug

    Hola, estoy viendo en mi panel de peces que no está el icono del taimen, si que aparece la trucha marrón pero no el taimen, saludos.
  4. Radarcos

    Report a Bug

    No, ya está todo bien, solo duró un rato, gracias por preguntar.
  5. Radarcos

    Report a Bug

    Estoy igual y mi hijo también.
  6. Radarcos

    Switching the region from Ru to En or De

    Espero que sea pronto, tengo ganas de poder tener todo el contenido traducido de forma oficial.
  7. Radarcos


    Ok, thanks, I did not know, do you mean that I can buy several tickets at once and it will only be activated if I am in the boat at the time the one I am using expires? That is, if I buy three tickets of an hour, I am in the boat using the first one and since I am fighting with a fish and it runs out automatically the second one is activated, I can catch the fish, make use of that second ticket and if under of the boat before it runs out, will I have the third complete ticket for the next day I play? Take this opportunity to ask another question, what happens if I'm on the boat and the session is gone or I have a problem that makes me restart the computer, if I enter the game within the time of the ticket I was using I still keep it or when I leave of the session I lose it automatically?
  8. Radarcos


    I thought that this error had already been solved but I see that it is not like that, as shown in the screenshot I was struggling with a big fish and in the other one I had another one that seemed quite big, the rental time of the boat was exhausted and left me without either of them, this can not happen, it is very frustrating to see that the best fish of the night escape because the game is programmed in this way. I add another mistake, if I want to recover the rod that was left in the boat I must rent another day or leave the map or game and re-enter because it is not possible to recover it from the dock.
  9. Radarcos

    Report a Bug

    I guess these sites will be fixed, I continue with my visit and I get stuck again ... what map start I'm having.
  10. Radarcos

    Report a Bug

    On my first visit to Volkhov I was inspecting the area and I got stuck in this place, just behind the food store.
  11. Radarcos

    Report a Bug

    I got stuck at this point of Old Burg Lake.
  12. Radarcos

    Technical Issues

    I can update well every time a patch comes out but my son's computer, a Surface Pro 2 has to download the whole game every time something new comes out, in the patch installation process always comes up error, it can only be updated by the complete download of the game.
  13. Radarcos

    Campfire stories

    Good morning from Spain, I appreciate your explanations. If it were not for the language barrier it would be easier but sometimes it is complicated that the translation is correct and the translated sentences give rise to several interpretations that one must deduce by tying loose parts. That said, what I like most about this fishing simulator game is precisely the amount of factors that influence the fishing or not of our prey, not being a game of throwing and fishing without stopping, which would be very arcade and simple.
  14. Radarcos

    Report a Bug

    Hello, if I remember correctly this area of Old Burg was not like that, there were more tables and they were together. On the other hand, at the time of selling does not leave the filter order by weight, something very useful when selecting fish for orders.
  15. Radarcos

    Technical Issues

    You can do it without problem, to enter the game you must use your password and the progress is saved in the RF4 servers.
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