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  1. I had it for a few days, but I forgot, I get more right.
  2. It was a very hard days to reach level 24, it seemed that the time would never come and the last two hours were very long, less than 10,000 points separated me from Sura and I only took small fish. I put all my efforts and left in writing what I wanted to happen at any time ... and the magic was done, a few minutes after putting in the chat that "I wanted to level up fishing a trout kuori" I had my wishes compliments, a beautiful 5kg kuori trout gave me enough points to achieve my goal. But that's not all, one last surprise I was waiting for before leaving this lake, my first Sevan trout trophy. A great way to say to these crystal clear waters soon.
  3. I also have the same problem as the others, many fish that escape without seeing anything at all. I also had something even weirder, I was inside the ship in Kuori throwing towards the plants and a small Lucio, of half a kilo or less, when it was already close to the ship was released and no message came out in the chat, curious but true, I commented at that time in the Spanish chat.
  4. Today I did not really want to fight long and I started to get frogs in Mosquito. After an hour of fishing I took out my first rare trophy.
  5. Radarcos


    Hola, por favor, ¿me podéis confirmar si estos dos cebos ya no tienen ningún uso y se pueden eliminar?
  6. Radarcos


    Ok, thanks, I did not know, do you mean that I can buy several tickets at once and it will only be activated if I am in the boat at the time the one I am using expires? That is, if I buy three tickets of an hour, I am in the boat using the first one and since I am fighting with a fish and it runs out automatically the second one is activated, I can catch the fish, make use of that second ticket and if under of the boat before it runs out, will I have the third complete ticket for the next day I play? Take this opportunity to ask another question, what happens if I'm on the boat and the session is gone or I have a problem that makes me restart the computer, if I enter the game within the time of the ticket I was using I still keep it or when I leave of the session I lose it automatically?
  7. Radarcos


    I thought that this error had already been solved but I see that it is not like that, as shown in the screenshot I was struggling with a big fish and in the other one I had another one that seemed quite big, the rental time of the boat was exhausted and left me without either of them, this can not happen, it is very frustrating to see that the best fish of the night escape because the game is programmed in this way. I add another mistake, if I want to recover the rod that was left in the boat I must rent another day or leave the map or game and re-enter because it is not possible to recover it from the dock.
  8. Good morning from Spain, I appreciate your explanations. If it were not for the language barrier it would be easier but sometimes it is complicated that the translation is correct and the translated sentences give rise to several interpretations that one must deduce by tying loose parts. That said, what I like most about this fishing simulator game is precisely the amount of factors that influence the fishing or not of our prey, not being a game of throwing and fishing without stopping, which would be very arcade and simple.
  9. Excellent capture and very beautiful the fight, I am witness of it, it is my son and we are learning many things together in this great fishing game, now for another bigger one.
  10. It was a nice fight, it lasted a lot and I was pleasantly surprised to see that big head come out of the water. My biggest common carp was less than 3 kilos, with this specimen I have surpassed all my expectations, I thought I was looking at a 4 or 5 kilos specimen because of the way to fight and finally it was much more. Half a route map to bring her back and an endless 50 meters of drag that looked like she was pulling a sack of potatoes, my weak team has proven to be stronger than I thought. Now it's time to look for a bigger one .....
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