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  1. Enzo Matrix

    Lake Ladoga

    Ya I can reach 18m no problem, just no chance I will attempt that suicide haha. I’m going to go for Baltic in 14m see what happens. Grats on the trophy.
  2. Enzo Matrix

    Lake Ladoga

    If anyone wants to try some small fish / feeder fishin. Here is where I tried. 45 Clip, mayfly larva, 9.7 fluro, S6 blood hook, loop rig. 4H 30min. Nothing compared to my Sura trips. Also if anyone knows where to find baltic on feeder plz post. I just want to fight them.
  3. Enzo Matrix

    Sura River

    Wow nice! Which boilies?
  4. Enzo Matrix

    Sura River

    Nice one!! Keep going, rare is 150+ and rare russian is 100kg. We got some work cut out for us haha
  5. Enzo Matrix

    Competitions Q&A

    Shouldn’t assume only 99 active as the others may have just struggled to get any of the target fish. It took me awhile just to find them myself. I was 15th so I would like admin to check please as I wouldn’t want to lose a prem win over an assumption that no target fish caught means they weren’t active. Not trying to be rude jake, but you don’t actually know who’s active out of those 105 people. Many comps I’ve done and I never got the target fish aka silver carp / eels comp ^_^;
  6. Enzo Matrix

    Bear Lake

    You type more than you fish! Don’t make an account here just to be a negative poster. I visit waterbodies part for fish catches and tips for that area. Your complaints / suggestions or whatever your Wall messages talk about should go into an email and sent to the team for whatever problems your having lol
  7. Enzo Matrix

    Lake Ladoga

    During PRO comp! 3m water. lost top 3 with the last 2 seconds of comp lol. huge pike trophies! Had a blast.
  8. Enzo Matrix

    Sura River

    same spot 7.5m hole
  9. Enzo Matrix

    Sura River

    One of my best fishing sprints yet! 1.5 hours .. money money money! I am using Size 1/0 Bloody berserk hooks, 63lb braid / 55lb mono leader. Mayor's on fortuna carp rods. 130G Mesh feeders. Loop Rig
  10. Enzo Matrix

    Lake Ladoga

    when the weather is 12oC overcast / rain the fish were biting. Sadly I don't have texas rig yet so my quaity is basic jig and feeder fished the 11m from lighthouse for burbots. Very good burbot action over night. Fished 14m, 18m, 11m, and 6m spots. No trophies. Some fun salmon hits atleast.
  11. Enzo Matrix

    Sura River

    yeah its been really hot, I left sura about 3+ hours ago and been fishing ladogas great weather. already at 50 fish. You want multiple days of lower temps and clouds brings out the bites alot better I think. 1 day will help but normally multiple good days has been the best.
  12. Enzo Matrix

    Sura River

    Non gold baits, fresh krill boilie and Nightcrawlers working for sturg / sterlet. You want overcast / rain, 20OC or less days. Sun weather makes it bad fishing. Rain brings out the sterlets .. If you have rhino's use them or the mussels. 7.5m / 8m both doing well when the fish are biting
  13. Enzo Matrix

    Sura River

    Had some great fun at sura today with the mafia friends lol. 3 hours of good weather. Gotta be on it when weather is prime or else you wont get anything. I quite like it like this. Others managed nearly 600 silver / hour. My PVAless makes me an underdog. All rhino baits. New pb sturg. Trophy one day. 7.5m hole
  14. Enzo Matrix

    Lake Ladoga

    Oh thank geezzus you feel the same as the most of us haha.
  15. Enzo Matrix

    Sura River

    Sorry I mean the player halibut lol. Using rhinos. River mussels working well to.
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