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  1. This has happen a few times, got a picture of it. The hand pulls off the handle when I pull rod to far left / right. Happens rarely. To fix I put rod down and pick back up. Did not see this one mentioned.
  2. What about people who go into a comp and 10 min in an emergency comes along and have to take off? I’ve had times where I wasn’t able to fully compete but tried when I could. Would never want to see some kind of punishment system like this. I wouldn’t even join a comp then
  3. I got 3 beluga just down a bit from that spot. Been searching for them all over! Now finally can fish those and whitefish and pike lol
  4. Wow I’m gonna assume you had a beluga on as they are here and I been trying to get one myself lol.
  5. Wow, did you make your line 100% slack? After 1 hour it’s suppose to be 0% chance of fish to get off unless you make your line have no tension at all. Where did you get this fish on and on what bait?
  6. Lol wow. Don’t worry once you got a ti + venga and 60kg line those cats are much easier. B8 44:55 clip 42 has sturgeons at the moment. also if you want big ones, the prime time is morning and temps between 18-22oC. After this they become small. over night Jig B8 with the huge minnow brown one. Lots of cats! Go for that trophy
  7. Enzo Matrix


    I’m also est time and it’s not 1900 it’s 20:00 (8pm) when it resets. Time moved forward back to normal. Before it was 7pm. When it comes to 8pm you have to restart game for happy hour to kick on.
  8. Wow! Very nice UL catch!
  9. Give I9 a try in the 8m water. There was a lot of Zander on livebait here so I assume jigging it should bring results
  10. Very nice! A 98kg Persian was also got at 41:108 today. My 40kg bastard sturgeon came from the same spot. It went dead for me earlier but I think weather was to blame as always lol. Good weather always spikes my sturgeon bites.
  11. Oh wow!! Think I’ll go farm some gudge!
  12. Amazing catch and great post! Love it
  13. 7.5m hole. Tried for a trophy zander.. game said no.. have this instead lol.
  14. Thanks! Just to fish for a trophy would be fun! I sure don’t expect a blue Zander haha.
  15. I also fished C6 and got many sterlet 5-7kg on NC. Then I switched to cock bait and started getting the Persians. Got a 30kg and I fought it into the 3m corner I would love to get a trophy one. Hey if you are after some sturgeons, B8 hole 44:55 40clip 3X1, mole cricket or use crayfish tail. Rhino and cock were no good for me. C6 was totally dead 6 fish in 1h 30min.
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