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  1. Enzo Matrix

    Akhtuba River

    2H 13min on a venga lol. Not sure how maybe it was the braid but this cat fought me for 1h 47min, I thought I got a 120+ Some other notable catches, from small 15m
  2. Enzo Matrix


    Guess no one wanted to share the first Beluga post? I will lead it then. small 15m on Mole Cricket. Very rare / random. Smoked the Everest and it was a blast lol about 30 minute fight. Not a chat fish, worth 60 silver which is good considering its not even chat size yet and worth more than a catfish already when comparing weight. Goodluck! A side note, perhaps the experience gained could be increased for these weights? 21kg is still a big fight so giving a better reward with experience would be nice. I hope chat size is a big jump but haven't seen anyone post that yet.
  3. Enzo Matrix

    Akhtuba River

    Hey guys! If you haven't got a Stellate Sturgeon yet and want to add that to your fish-a-dex. Cast mole cricket into B3 River. They are alot of fun btw! Good fights! Been making new pb's
  4. Enzo Matrix

    Akhtuba River

    wow! How was that fight? They are a quite strong I find =D Also holy weather lol
  5. Enzo Matrix

    Akhtuba River

    small 15m from 44:150 with using just NC has been very good. lost a really nice sturgeon, accidently maxed dragged lol. So if you don't have gold bait try that. Mole Crickets btw be very careful here. The Beluga are in the 15m and are hitting mole crickets and these fish are no joke! Do not let them swim downstream, keep them between D and F or if you let it go past, forget it because you need lots of run room when its tired to reel it in otherwise the current will take it from its sheer weight. This goes for all big fish. Another note, do not fight catfish on gold 80 lol. I was to stubborn and spent 1 hour, 36 minutes to bring this catfish in and it had no problem going to the other side very quickly. Get good at controlling where the fish swims and you can land big fish ... or just get them in the deep pockets in the rivers lol Oh btw, 0% friction to 5.4% friction. Why did I use gold 80, cause I invested in 3x mayor's that can not be used in the open water so all I have is 1 venga and 3 gold 80s that have the line length. Sucks trust me!
  6. Enzo Matrix

    Akhtuba River

    Jigging small 15m hole with Tiny Fish. Some decent cats. Only took me 40min for the 70kg on my new setup ^^ .. 1h 20 on my old. Quite loving venga + Legend combo and it seems to give me more exp? Just noticed haha
  7. Enzo Matrix

    Akhtuba River

  8. Enzo Matrix

    Akhtuba River

    B8 was fairly decent. Many sterlets and Russians and especially cats lol. All on Rhino. However there is a client update so the spots most likely will change. Until then give B8 a shot
  9. Enzo Matrix

    Beloribitsa Whitefish

    I’m trying to put the puzzle together lol. The current weekly leaders are all part of the same team. They are using baitfish. Bleak / gudge. They gotta be fishing from shore. My guess is that 6m hole right at the end of the small river. I want to test it but don’t have any alive bleak or gudge lol
  10. Enzo Matrix

    Akhtuba River

    oh NC's I didnt have any crayfish tail but I bet they may be good here Also I think there is a bug, its happen twice in a row now. Catching any trophy at this location has froze up my game and I have to restart. So heads up. Not sure whats going on.
  11. Enzo Matrix

    Akhtuba River

    Got at B8 .. Also found russian sturg, sterlets here to. 2nd place region record and my 1st one ever
  12. Enzo Matrix

    Akhtuba River

    The small 15m hole has them it would seem crayfish tail is a great choice. Rhinos get a lot of catfish and some Russians. Mole cricket seems to be a hot choice also. Just note you want to make atleast a 110m cast. I stand at the top of the mainland and cast to it.
  13. Enzo Matrix

    Akhtuba River

    Those are what the silver breams use to be. Also breams over 1kg are decent money now.
  14. Enzo Matrix


    Thank you guys so much for this update!!! I’m a huge sturgeon addict and this new map has me buzzing! Not only that. The amount of large size fish to be found is incredible!! I am going to have a blast! I can’t play for about 4 hours still but seen some exploring from MQ stream and wow at the map size. So many areas to explore! 20/10 update!
  15. Enzo Matrix

    Mirror Carp

    wow so close to a rare trophy! Very nice catch!
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