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  1. Tung trolling has been incredible using crafted lures. Having a blast. I for sure have not seen a decrease in anything. Was a bit worried at first lol very happy to see crafted stuff being very good. It was costly to get to 100 ^_^;
  2. Ofcourse this would happen to me at the furthest point in amber from the town lmao. Perhaps we can get a "push" feature to free a quad stuck on a log lol
  3. Atm bream don’t get this big in rf4. I’m assuming 8kg is max, that’s 17.63lb. Perhaps in future bigger breams may come. 22lb bream tho wow. also that world record bighead lol. some crazy records!
  4. This is 100% correct. It seems rf4 has black carp and grass carp being shared as same species with black being the “rare” version. Using same sizes. Black carp 100% needs a total makeover with its max weight / trophy size and rare. then add it to amber lake lol
  5. Here is just an example, 21 Taimen in 2h 40min. Factor in the lure damage, and gear wear 794 silver. This should really be a valuable fish, belaya isn't a place a low level is going to be trying to fish this. So really its a fish in a level 30 waterbody, powerful, and does take some time to be fishing them. Compare this to sturgeons or even the UL fishing here at Tung which pays way more silver in the same time on much easier fish (way less gear dmg etc) = much more profit overall. Currently I am fishing them for the enjoyment of the fight lol, but sure would like to be rewarded a bit better for the effort to ^^
  6. I was hoping the Dev's could revisit the Taimen's overall sell value. It feels very low considering the power the fish puts up (which I love the power of the fish lol). Could Taimen please get a boost in silver value because they do put quite the wear on gear, it should feel more rewarding to be catching them. Thanks
  7. I would love to see an epic UL region comp, total weight of 3 species. Taimen Atlantic Salmon Catfish The last UL comp I remember was max weight pike which was very fun. Not sure if this is to be posted somewhere else but hope this can be a future region comp.
  8. I had to take a picture with my phone as doing any screenshot will not show my mouse cursor. This has happen to me multiple times now. Computer lags sometimes and suddenly my mouse will stay in the middle of the screen and I can not fix it. During messages it moves and as soon as I exit, it goes right back into middle. Is there a way to fix this?
  9. Oooof! Lol we were so happy to get top 3 and Bam! It was all a dream ^_^. Next time!
  10. Hey! I’m just hoping you guys can stress to the dev team to please fix Akhtuba situations with Beluga not able to swim / getting stuck. This has been a thing since the release and we just never worried because the sizes were nothing of what they are now lol. right now at 47:100 location the issue is becoming a lot more common. Monster trophy size beluga are “locked” into this small area, unable to swim freely out left or right. They are being stuck to fight in the small hole here. I understand that maybe the dev team may not be putting this issue on the top, but this is a issue that’s gotta get resolved somehow. Thanks!
  11. Hey! Just wanted clarification. Are we restricted to fishing only Winding? Or can we fish like old burg also?
  12. I realized the grass in game seemed to be activated? But my graphic setting I have it turned off. I've tried everything. put it on.. back off, logging out. The grass just never goes away. It makes it hard for me to see and I found out others have same issue? Is there a way to fix this currently?
  13. Thank you, sent the email and changed my password!
  14. I had 4 Venga, during catfish / sterlet comp few weeks ago, 3 were on my Ti's and 1 in repair. I did not play much in last 2 weeks. Came on now and noticed 1 Ti missing reel. I checked every rod and nothing. Got my other out of repair.. checked shop and sure enough I only now have 3 Venga!? Please help, no idea what has happened.
  15. The taimen trophy model is really strange, it looks like a baby lol. Will the dev team update that fish to look like a real adult taimen? They have huge heads and bodies. also once we figure out this release fish with name etc. Is there still a max weight these fish can grow before they no longer grow anymore even if released and renamed? do these fish also count in global / region records?
  16. Just do it again. This happens, but it will fully patch. Just retry it
  17. Hey! So wow heavy baitcast reels coming I see in news! Now I got some questions. These reels are going to be only used on spin equipment or can be used for bottom fishing to? If spin only, will there be stronger hooks introduced as jig eye is current strongest and many bait reels already well beyond the break point of this hook. If stronger hooks are coming with these reels then will their be a balance update for fish as the power of ultima and these new reels and stronger hook means max drag will be so OP it will be broken. Basically fish are going to need a power boost for sure as max dragging trophy Russian and trophy catfish is already possible. And that’s already pretty broken lol. not sure if these can be answered at this time but hopefully it was addressed.
  18. Are those pictures of Tung river actual in game shots? Does the water really look like that? It looks so amazing
  19. Hey! So as we continue to fish the Beluga testing as much as we can when it comes to the limits and continuing to push them, our beluga fishing friends have for the first time hooked into one, possibly the largest one we have ever seen. With this absolute monster we have come across quite the situation that perhaps the team can take a look into and improve. The fish being hook at 41:108, due to the difficulty of landing big ones here we bring them down to 101:57 (F7) Wildcarp pool area. Except for the first time ever, the fish is so big, it can not even fit through the channel to get down to 101:57 lol. I included a map of where the fish is becoming blocked and unable to swim. I hope this can be brought to the teams attention. We are working to really push the limits of just how big can we get and 101:57 area allows the landing much easier. Regarding the player who is fighting this monster is named: рыбак от бога123 .. I will update if he loses it and hopefully you guys can check the records just to see the size this fish was which could be good information for the team on what the limits are for fish to swim freely through the channels. Hopefully this helps!
  20. Sorry maybe I’m blind, when does this end? Edit nvm lol. Found it
  21. Hey guys! Is there any hope that the devs would be open to sharing some kind of road map or something that will give us higher level players something to really look forward to in terms of a challenge? Amber is nice, when the fish are biting lol. But this lake is honestly a mid player level with low challenge from a fight intensity perspective. Is there something myself and other enthusiasts (big strong fish hunters lol) can look forward to in 2020? Please don't keep us in the dark for many months @Levo @Denis RF4
  22. Would be great but also slight issue is the radius is only 2.5m lol. You would jig past the effected spot really quick
  23. I am in! Love these comps btw. IGN Enzo Matrix
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