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  1. Sorry maybe I’m blind, when does this end? Edit nvm lol. Found it
  2. I am in! Love these comps btw. IGN Enzo Matrix
  3. Hey I would go to Mosquito and farm frogs there in the lilies 18cm flies
  4. Shouldn’t assume only 99 active as the others may have just struggled to get any of the target fish. It took me awhile just to find them myself. I was 15th so I would like admin to check please as I wouldn’t want to lose a prem win over an assumption that no target fish caught means they weren’t active. Not trying to be rude jake, but you don’t actually know who’s active out of those 105 people. Many comps I’ve done and I never got the target fish aka silver carp / eels comp ^_^;
  5. Got a king salmon boys!! What a rush. Only about 20lbs. Good eating much much bigger ones out there. I hope they bring kings into this game. They are a battle!
  6. Today my business partner took me out fishing on his boat. We went bass fishing which is fun. Except I am a guy who loves big fish! And talk about luck! got this big guy on a popper! Amazing fight. 20lb braid, it’s my 2nd Muskie ever and never got one this big. So yes I’m happy as ever lmao! Over 20lbs they all said. Was heavy and fat!
  7. One last post for the day. I was just really excited to have finally ended this grind and now have full access =D I plan to play around with combinations while targeting fish. to bad need 100% feeder to actually use a PVA. it better be worth it lol
  8. Thanks Various for letting me know an order came up. First time to complete this
  9. Well... I am done with this weekly challenge. NO Thank you! lol Worst 6.5 hour session of my life!
  10. Just so you guys you know.. get prepared. Some info about the Taimen salmon. The maximum size is not assured, but supposedly a fish caught in the Kotui River in Russia in 1943 with a length of 210 cm (83 in) and a weight of 105 kg (231 lb) is the largest size recorded They don’t even know just how big they truly can grow haha. From their diet, talks about fish. They like to eat fish and birds etc lol. So maybe feeder livebait may work on them. Should be interesting.
  11. Get your spin skill ready Boyz! New water body I did research on it for Real life. I’m not spoiling anything but oh man I need to go buy some better spin stuff lol.
  12. If anyone says baitfish is not good for pike... seriously go look at the weekly and overall pike records. May you be blown away. Totally nuts what was caught today on a perch!
  13. Livebait is far from broken. It’s so good, I’ve been making a lot of silver and it’s fun to go use my light tackle and catch lots of baitfish. In kuori I used ruffee and got 3.6kg char and kuori chars.
  14. I just caught a friggin 2nd place Absolute!! I am loving live bait fishing! That 130g Crucian did me very good haha! What a fish! Btw, the chat announcements are broken again which is a big bummer!
  15. That’s incredible the participants with global especially sura. Making top places in those would be great! Beating out 200+ others you can feel like a champ lol
  16. Just got this one in the morning for my son lol. Biggest one of the 3. Great Lake carps are a very tough fight. Now I got a good sunburn haha
  17. Had so much fun yesterday with my daughter. This game taught me to use fluro leader for better results. We got 2 carp and broke off a massive sturgeon. Those guys are crazy tough! Going back this morning so maybe we will have a sturgeon to show you. But I can show you one from last year
  18. This was exciting, fishing the 7m hole from main land.. 85m cast and got this guy! Keep an eye on me because my goal is to have the number 1 sturgeon record. 1 Hour fight on mayor 19kg setup. Best yet, my trophy will come lol
  19. Hi the new payout says top 3 get full setup according to their level. I’m level 28, if I am to get a top 3 would I be able to request a carp feeder setup with an Everest reel? Lol
  20. Hey guys, is there a schedule for this week? Just don’t want to miss any that I can make
  21. Hey guys, if someone could help me out that would be great! I have a lv32 Heaven Creek Black Edition spin rod, SPM60ML, 7% spin skill, +25% exp. 5700~ silver rod. I really want a Mayor ltd 19kg Reel. I had 2 offers while I didn't have prem and now I do those offers went flat lol. If anyone is interested, please let me know. Thanks!
  22. Just want to point out.. teleporting to town kinda already available by falling into water, however if an actual button allowed that to happen, this would cause a problem if you used a boat to get to your fishing spot. How can you get back if you left ur boat behind? also it’s very viable to catch big fish on light setups, this isn’t abnormal, that’s fishing lol. Drag was designed to fight out a fish. I’ve fought smaller carp in real life and they pull WAY above their own weight. 20lb line easily snapped by 5lb carp if I had drag maxed. Just wanted to point these out lol
  23. My wife surprised me with a gift from amazon! My computer is 11 years old or more lol. I’ve been playing this game on a gtx 550ti and 4gb ddr2 ram, sura and volkhov were just terrible to play on, the ram holding back so much. So yesterday I got in the mail, 8gb of ddr2! It took me about an hour and half to figure out how to properly install lol. I have always wanted to build my own comp, my experience is installing an entire power supply and putting everything back in.. except ram. First time I didn’t push it down enough, computer just beeped like it was having panic mode. Realized I had to push it harder and make it latch on. Get all 4 in. Computer boots except was just a black screen. So so now I’m worried cause maybe it won’t be compatible but I didn’t want to believe that. So I take out 3, leave one in and put old ram back in. Bam starts up and showing 5gb ram on test! Got excited I put the 3 back in and bam starts up and all 8gb working! I believe I messed up plugging in graphic card last time lol. Comp starts up, put Russian fishing 4 on. Game friggin loaded up SO much faster! Sura was just bam! No more 2 min hangs before I can walk! Game runs friggin amazing now, comp comes into volkhov, no problem.. switch over and bam works perfect! Thanks to crypto I can’t afford to build my dream comp.. yet lol. But this is such a great way to give a Dino more juice! Next is finding a new evga gtx 760+ from second hand buying see cheap 100$ ones locally. Best wife Eva! Lol.. 10 years strong
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