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  1. Common Carp Amber Lake, 124:64 with 35m clip, Grid: G8 Trophy Fish: Setup: PVA:
  2. Amber Lake - BREAM - 124:66. 25m clip - Grid G8 Trophy Fish Setup:
  3. ''Ultra Instinct'' Dear fishing friends, for the first time in this year, we are honored to invite you all to our new team tournament "Ultra Instinct". We wish all participants success and fun. The registration for the tournament takes place exclusively in the forum and only for standalone players of the English forum. Players/teams who were not registered in this topic will not be considered in the evaluation. Registration for this tournament takes place here, please have the captain enter team and member names. Teams can have from 3 to 5 members including the captain. Signup: You must register for the tournament in this topic. Teams can have from 3 to 5 players per team. Which should be the captain and 2 to 4 members. You need to reply to this topic following the example in order to signup: Team Name: Fishnets Team captain: GabrijelThe3rd Team members: Levo Joe316 Crucian Elwoodiath Evaluation: The biggest fish caught of a certain fish species of each player will count towards the results . The weight of the 9 chosen (in mass) Sevan Trout, Catfish and Asp from each team will be added together for the final score. In the event of a tie: First Tiebreaker: Largest fish Second Tiebreaker: Largest Sevan Trout Third Tiebreaker: Largest Asp The fish can come from any body of water that contains those species. The captain must record the best results of his team (player name + weights) and send the results to tournament@rf4game.com. All fish must be caught on UL rods Example: Example: Player 1: 7kg Asp + 73kg Catfish + 3kg Sevan Trout Player 2: 4kg Asp + 54kg Catfish + 7kg Sevan Trout Player 3: 10kg Asp + 87kg Catfish + 8kg Sevan Trout Total: 253kg You can't combine fish from different players, you have to choose 3 players! Important: Anglers have to use only UL Rods! The tournament will only take place with at least five team registrations. Start/End: Registration takes place from Wednesday 01/06 - 11:00 EST - 17:00 CET until Friday 01/15 at 10:30 EST - 16:30 CET The tournament starts Friday 01/15 at 11:00 EST - 17:00 CET and ends at Wednesday 01/20 11:00 EST - 17:00 CET. Deadline: The results must be sent until 01/21/2021 by 13:00 EST / 19:00 CET. The catches in that post must have occurred before the end of the tournament. Results that are sent after that date and time won't be considered. Results that are malformed, or contain bad data may be invalidated. Take your time and ensure accuracy. We validate the results based on your reports, if we cannot find the fish when validating it can result in a reduction of the score of even a complete dismissal of the results. Results from team tournament will be announced within 7 days and will be posted here! Prizes: 1st place: 20 gold, 4000 silver, 10 days premium per team member 2nd place: 15 gold, 2000 silver, 7 days premium per team member 3rd place: 10 gold, 1250 silver, 5 days premium per team member Less than 8 teams will result in the prizes being reduced by 50% Important! This competition is only for players on the Standalone version of the game. If you wish to transfer your account Steam to the Standalone version, you need to follow the instructions in this post: May the best team win, Your RF4 Team
  4. Please read this post and work step by step for region transfer, this post will help you a lot. Regards, RF4 Team
  5. I have had few whitefishes, but most are under 1kg, myb at tunguska works better, talking about new bait
  6. Ladoga Lake -- Perch Coords: 43:58 Clip: 25m Cast: S Bait: Nature Freshwater Gammarus Trophy: Gear:
  7. Hello there, - The populations were neither decreased nor increased in the strict sense. They were redistributed. - It's the same with a rod, there are no changes. If you fish with two or three rods at the same time, it will be noticeable that there are no more bites on all rods at the same time, but rather offset. Why this adjustment? Especially when fishing for high bite rate fish, it often happened that the fish bit at the same time, and the Angler can't set the hook for that rod. This change is intended to tune the bite rate based on number of rods being used to ensure the Angler can maximize their successful hook sets. Best Regards, RF4 Team
  8. This may be a same reason why is it like that. Please be patient. Thank you for the report.
  9. Unfortunately there is no possible way to change from Standalone version of the game to Steam.
  10. Unfortunately, there is no way to transfer from Standalone version of the game to steam, it is only possible from Steam to Standalone. More information you can find here: https://rf4game.com/forum/index.php?/forum/214-standalone-region-transfer/
  11. Unfortunately there is no option to give someone a premium.
  12. Akhtuba River -- Tench Coords: 126:133 Clip: 20m Cast: S Bait: See on Gear picture Trophy Gear and Baits:
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