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  1. Thank you for the answer! The tournament was on saturday, 1st of May, 5 days ago, so i need to contact the china region admins for the rewards. Thanks a lot
  2. Hy. I have a question. I participated on the weekend in the china region russian sturgeon darts mode tournament and i finished second and still dont get the prizes(a reel, gold and premium). I need still waiting for the prizes or i need to contact someone from the tournament staff to get the prizes. Thanks for the answer! Regards, Csabi Csavargo
  3. 1. 20:00 CET time it will be better for a lot of people :) 2. YES, saturday is more better, i think 3. Any fishes what can be hooked, and one comp for !FGA :-D :) 4. Yes, but not necesary. this rotation is good, keep like this and it will be good :) 5. White with black stripes
  4. 1. I think is good to have 2 comps/weekend but it will be nice a free weekend/month 2. Yes, i will be able to attend the competitions with +/- 1 hour from the present starting time 3. I think it will be great to get the 1 point for every competitions if you have got the specied fish. like if u were in on all comps u will het the 8 points in total and if u were in only in 4 or 5 competitions u will get the standard 4 points. 4. mussels/crayfish/Donets ruffe on Winding, herring on Akhtuba, Black Carp on Old Burg or Bear Lake, Pike on Ladoga, Tugun on Tunguska 5. The chikenegg
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