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  1. Hello Elwoodiath2, first of all THANK YOU for your responsiveness and my material exchange. Hopefully the last patch corrects all its problems to continue to sin more serenely. Thanks again and good fishing. Sincerely Lorent49
  2. Hi, I just had a bug in my frozen cat game twice, and especially lures on my fishing rods that got stuck. I disconnected/reconnected twice and wanted to launch my third UL rod the same way, but unfortunately the lure was randomly set because freezing was too heavy for the rod and broke it. Could you tell me how to get my cane back after the bug in the game and not a clumsiness on my part.
  3. First Eel Trophy on Volkhov 108:92 ,a 70% throw and a lot of luck but that's what can happen in on a good day ...
  4. Lorent49


    Also give this man an Oscar THANK YOU for your precious information
  5. Nice Spot ! thank you for sharing your best fishing spots again thank you very much appreciate!
  6. Caught on a 6 hook (16:68)
  7. @ Yoman2822 What hook configuration did you use on your 3 feeder rods. Thank you in advance
  8. Hi all, no discussion about the boilies for me but a big thank you to those who share their fishing place and other advices that allow me to advance in the game. Once again thank you to all.
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