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  1. L0st4ngler


    If anyone lost their catfish at Sura, they are in 3m hole (H7)
  2. L0st4ngler

    Streams and Vids

    @Lady0fGames will be streaming @rf4game Thursday, May 17. Stream will start at 2 PM EST. Q&A will start at approximately 3-3:15 PM EST with guest @gen4ik245 answering your questions. https://www.twitch.tv/lady0fgames
  3. L0st4ngler

    Patch notes and Announcements

    More interesting and important information for the next patch... Click here for more
  4. L0st4ngler

    Bear Lake

  5. L0st4ngler

    Campfire stories

    Fish rotate their preferences in what they like at the moment depending on many factors (weather, time of day etc). So if, for example, bream was biting on garlic dough before the game world was reset, it may change to lets say blood worms. Instead of keep liking the dough for the period of time.
  6. L0st4ngler

    Beginners Guide

    Green - Valued fish (more money at fish market) Yellow - Trophy size fish. Blue - Rare trophy.
  7. L0st4ngler

    Kuori Lake

    115:105 Still on
  8. L0st4ngler

    Kuori Lake

    This little buddy did good on Kuori today.
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