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  1. I caught sine decent chub at the old spot - at rapids right before the log sticking out. feeder fishing with #7 hook/cockchafer
  2. Same problem here, I have the older version and it is quite the helpful tool. Hope we can get the new update.
  3. mick024

    Kuori lake

    Thanks, was confused as last time I played any leader could be used.
  4. mick024

    Kuori lake

    Is it not impossible to use fluoro leaders on spinning gear now? When I go to put a leader on my spin gear, I only have option to use steel leaders even tho I have fluoro leaders.
  5. Just came back to see how it was after a long break, barely made 50 silver in an hour of trolling, and that was after trying feeder fishing for a longer period of time and feeder silver per hour was even worse. At that rate it wont cover repair, or lost lures, nor is it rewarding or even worth it for the time put in. Unbelievable how good and fun this game once was and how all the fun was sapped from it, and that the fun was intentionally taken away is infuriating. Not a good business model.
  6. Thanks for the tip, first fish I caught there was with the DP 6-002 crank. A 10kg arctic char 54 silver it paid for the lure plus some
  7. I know there is other people without this problem Im having, like your for example. I can fish in many location and there is usually at least 1 or 2 people catching a lot of fish. I dont have such luck, I can use the same exact bait, gb, line, hook as the people catching lots of stuff and I barely get anything. It's a waste of time for me as it is because its not fun anymore.
  8. I came back to check, haven't played in a couple months. Sadly it seems the problem I had has only spread and gotten worse. I hope its fixed soon - no fish no play.
  9. Yep, I was farming Tench for some time and suddenly the XP gain dropped dramatically. So it is a good idea to switch it up often.
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