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  1. This used to happen to me every single update too. Have you tried disabling real time protection/anti-virus?
  2. Thanks for the tip, first fish I caught there was with the DP 6-002 crank. A 10kg arctic char 54 silver it paid for the lure plus some
  3. Any good farming spots currently?
  4. Under settings-other settings-edit profile. I tried using it and it said something like my "account does not have permission" to use it. Now 1 week later that button has disappeared. How can I change my profile pic?
  5. Thanks, this does make a big difference and is most likely what was causing my confusion.
  6. I just tried all rigs I can do. I didn't check slider rig until now because I figured the same as you - that a fixed rig would be the most shallow. Fixed Rig - 38cm slider rig - 17cm bolognese rig - 39cm
  7. Hello I'm wondering about this...the most shallow I can set my float to is 38cm. How do you get to set it as low as 17cm?
  8. I agree the passage of time seems fast considering the rest of the game features. Fighting the fish takes a lot of in-game time.
  9. I know there is other people without this problem Im having, like your for example. I can fish in many location and there is usually at least 1 or 2 people catching a lot of fish. I dont have such luck, I can use the same exact bait, gb, line, hook as the people catching lots of stuff and I barely get anything. It's a waste of time for me as it is because its not fun anymore.
  10. I came back to check, haven't played in a couple months. Sadly it seems the problem I had has only spread and gotten worse. I hope its fixed soon - no fish no play.
  11. Yep, I was farming Tench for some time and suddenly the XP gain dropped dramatically. So it is a good idea to switch it up often.
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