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  1. This would be great addition imo. I saw a reply in another thread about being able to hear the line being ripped of the reel, i suffer from a lack of hearing in both ears so this isnt any help really. of course you do learn to use some visual references when trolling but I still find that i am constantly referring to the map and spinning around in the boat to check heading and check rods. Im surprised this hasnt already been done though, the compass seems purpose built to have a minimap there
  2. Hey guys, just wanted to add to this, i saw this thread earlier today and waddya know i got snagged on Belaya this evening. In fact i also got snagged on one of the little rocks by the shore North of the camp other day which was very frustrating but yeh :S. Just highlighting the point Zed and wxlee made really.
  3. Bream 64.59 15-17m clip Pea Porridge/Cottage cheese Bream Mix Cast a few degrees west of south.
  4. Hi, You can find the answer to your issue here -
  5. Hi there, Be patient, some fish will pull the bait down but release it as soon as there is any resistance. Perch for example will just take the bait and run and can be hooked pretty easily. Chinese sleepers you will need more patience and Roach will play with the bait for a while.. You can play the fish a little by just pulling the rod and float to the left or right before hitting the mouse button and striking/setting the hook. The best advice though really is just to keep trying and soon you will catch more fish. Good luck
  6. very nice!! some cool fish and a great little lake, but one criticism...use an unhooking mat..those carp on the gravel..ouch
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    Hi, Apologies if this has been suggested before; 1) Male or Female. Maybe allow the choice of a male or female angler to run around as? 2) Cosmetics. Running around in a bright red shirt and creeeping up to the waters edge seems a little....silly?? i guess. I think it would be a nice idea to be able to change the appearance of our chosen angler, ie different coloured shirts or even adding camo gear to the tackle shop. Great game loving it so far keep it up.
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