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  1. Happened to him 2x in stream so far. All he was doing was messing with the new "kick player" feature and it froze his. I was just clicking on players names in chat and it froze me
  2. RedrockPanda will have a VOD after stream in the first 10 mins it happens
  3. A bunch of people in twitch chat were "Locked" from playing the game. We were all messing with the chat box to see what changed and when we came out, we could not do anything. Escape would no open up main menu, Q would not open chat, could not move, or do anything. Please let me know if we are the only ones who have experienced this? Kind of a pain if this will keep happening and I will have to keep alt+f4 to get the game to work again. EDIT: Audio issues as well. Since I have stereo headphone I changed it, The volume was permanently set to 100% and practically blowing out my ear drums lol. Just to make you aware of that as well
  4. I would normally link it to paypal and use it that way but it seems as paypal has been removed as a viable form of payment.
  5. I guess its called Xsolla PayStation. It asks for payment when you clock the + next to premium in game, brings you to the Xsolla website to pay. We enter the gift card info and it say it can not be processed
  6. My son got a gift card for his Bday and wanted to use some funds to buy premium but it keeps giving him an error on Paystation. Please assist on how to fix this?
  7. Last thing on my mind. The gold exchange for silver in shop is a bad balance compared to what you can buy for gold at what cost of silver it is. For instance, A Tagara is 20,771.87 silver in Sura or 113.04 Gold. Atm gives you 5,000 silver for 45.50 gold. Which means that I can buy 20,000 silver for a little over 200 gold but a Tagara which is 20,000 silver for 113 gold. This depreciates the value of gold for the player since in silver its not worth the same amount in the shop and therefore can not be used for other items at the same rate as you would be able to use for other necessities like baits, lures, etc. I think not only does this hinder the chance of gold being sold but can also deter people from spending money in game because they see the value is not worth as much and would rather grind silver than buy gold.
  8. RF4EN_Fjmagnotwitch@gmail.com_17816_20220319091212.7z
  9. So this has been on my mind about Happy Hour. Although a great idea for people who pay to play, I think the overall function makes it less desirable to pay for it since you sometimes have to give up 1 task to do another. If we can have 2 happy hours a day split into 2 sessions, 1 Happy hour from 12AM-12PM and another from 12PM-12AM and if you miss it you miss it in that time frame. 1st happy hour is a "Fishing ONLY" Happy hour. During this time frame of 1 hour in the specified time frame either 12am-12pm or visa versa your Fishing Skill tree rating and EXP bonus and anything else to do with Fishing ONLY will be the ONLY things impacted by this happy hour. 2nd Happy hour is in the opposite time slot from the first Happy Hour. This is your Lure, Crafting Baits, Harvesting, Cooking and any other "Off Fishing" skills will be impacted during these times. I feel this would make it better for players to focus on 1 thing they need instead of killing a paid for happy hour on something thats important but give up the chance to continue to make silver and using it to spend their silver. Splitting this makes it easier to focus on things like that.
  10. Also if you couls see players especially how Amber has been lately. The stacks of people on that one spot would cause even a 3090 to bug out and probably make the game unplayable due to lag. I think the way it is runs fine for reasons of less bug reports for the Devs to have to deal with. And im sure they already have enough on their hands without this addition.
  11. @RagnarocekJust tried Running in Admin mode and changing my settings and closing out the game and reopening. All settings are still reverting back to default. I use superior graphics, Brightness all the way up, scale .75, and volumes are changed as well which all revert to default as well
  12. Hello, Since I have downloaded the game I have had an issue. Whenever I first load up RF4 I have to go into settings every time and set my Volume, Video, Screen Scale, and textures. Once I log off the game and log back on all of these settings restore to default. At first I was cool with it but now its annoying. I do hit apply after choosing settings or they wouldn't change in the first place. Please help.
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