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  1. Ok, I have just noticed that the server will be down until: 2 PM CEST / 8 AM EST.
  2. As of the latest update, I cannot login via Steam. Is it RF4 server problem or Steam problem?
  3. Thanks! I will try. For Steam version, mentioned folder and files are in \AppData\Roaming\RussianFishingLLC\RussianFishing4Steam Because I use both PCs (not at the same time), I will also try keep the contents of this forlder in sync via Dropbox or Google Drive.
  4. Hi, I was playing RF4 via Steam for several years. A few days ago, I have installed game on the other computer on the other location, with the same Steam account. After I installed the game, I noticed that the ingame settings are the default ones, not the one from the first computer. Also, all of my previous ingame communication with other players is not visible on the new computer. All in all, settings and messages are not synchronized over different computers for the same Steam account. Settings are not so important, because I do them once, but messages are really a problem. My question is whether ingame messages for the Standalone game are synchronized over different computers?
  5. If there are many people in chat, it happens, from time to time, that some of the messages we write are not shown. Since we are not allowed to copy/paste text, those messages are lost. This can be very frustrating, especially for long messages. I suggest to implement a feature to cycle through our previous messages (and next, off course) with up/down keys, exactly as it is possible in Linux/Windows terminal windows. In this way, we could just repeat what has been lost.
  6. There is probably a minor typing mistake with Berserk treble hooks name. Namely, in some places it is Magnetic and in the other Magneric. See the screenshot.
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