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  1. not looken sell it I just want it off the list that I haven't caught yet its that and the albino and beside a bait fish you should be able to farm it
  2. ok so I been trying to get this rare bait fish for the longest time. I dont see why you would make it rare to get since it's not a good bait fish. look at the weekly or the past trading post no one won't to use or buy or trade for this fish as bait. every time I buy one only small perch roach or other junk fish goes for it. I ask a lot of time for you guys to write a guild on how to get one but no will because there little to no luck in getting it. make the bite rate better for them or make it target a fish worth spending gold for it.
  3. it been reported just a waiting game till then
  4. My guess the small patch was not good for all
  5. I swear that moonshine was a gift let me back in
  6. Any chance of getting that indicator in the upper right corner back saying if we are still connected to server? That would be helpful.
  7. Since the new update I have been getting the wheel of death a lot more in a day then before. What ever you guys did made it worst for me.
  8. this fish is like Loc Ness and Bigfoot only a few sighting but no one believes is out there. can we increase the bite rate on this one.
  9. all my wins and prem was done by not spending any money. wanted to when it was available on steam but could use my account on it so never did. but I had to learn and lose a lot before I started getting into top 15 in comps. make friends and learn what they do in comps and you do better
  10. lol I got a eel with a frog
  11. never got the prizes for this one been over 24 hours
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