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  1. It happens 80% of the time when the game doesnt have focus. Click to change map Alt tab to for example browser Game crashes in the background
  2. When moving from map to map, the game crashes 5 out of 6 times. Is there a crashreport somewhere i can post?
  3. Timeline It would be nice to have a timeline over the last 24-48 hours. What I would like to see, fish cached, ground bait thrown, bait switch
  4. This is with the highest graphics settings, look at the trees
  5. Hi, yes Its easy to replicate, zoom in at horizon, double zoom, and move mouse a little. Now with float, you always use double zoom, so that keeps shaking. I changed all video settings but no result.
  6. Figured out, it has to do with the zoom
  7. After the last update, zoom in on horizon and move mouse a little, screen will jump like its on a grid. Float fishing on Amber is not possible, screen is shaking every few seconds and float and line are shaking, see second vid 2021-06-01 13-17-41.mp4 2021-06-01 13-16-45.mp4 2021-06-01 13-23-00.mp4
  8. Searching When going to a page the cursor should be in the search text box, so you can type right away. When entered a search term, you cant go back with escape, escape doesn't work on the result page. Quad When you leave your quad, its sometimes hard to find back. Make your quad visible on the map so you can find it back.
  9. https://rf4game.com/forum/index.php?/forum/109-gameplay-support/ for example gives Sorry, there is a problem We could not locate the item you are trying to view. Error code: 2F176/1
  10. Tournament page, the links with explanation etc go to 404 Solution: Check your links when you place it in live environment.
  11. Tournaments, when announcing a tournament it would be nice if the registration link would be a part of it. Solution: add registration link to tournament page Tournament stands, it seems the OB tournament has started but where can we see the progress and follow the tournament Solution: create a tournament page with stands Tournament start, some notification would be nice, i cant see if im in the tournament, i cant see if it started, nothing/ Solution: improve communications with your customers, dont tread them like this. Placing fishing rods, its about float fishing. You place the rods, pick one up, press 2 for another rod and then it wont place the rod, it keeps saying Other rod is to close or no place for rod, I JUST picked it up and it wont let me place it, fish on other rod gone. Solution: improve the placing mechanics, or start to use rod standards. Assigning keys: I assigned my backspace to my 4th mouse button, works for placing stuff in backpack, releasing a fish still requires backspace. Solution: Let the player define the key bindings and the developers stay out of it. Let the player decide what keys to use.
  12. Telescopic rod should be more horizontal. When float fishing in real life, your rods are almost parallel to the water, give more line. Solution: place rods more horizontal Happy hour, show some where how much time is left on your happy hour. Solution: show like your in tournament, right bottom corner
  13. Main menu is not sorted. Solution: Order on alphabet When you want to remove bait, the X is to small, to often you click next to the x which let you choose another bait. Solution: Make the x as big as the bar The grids are not everywehere the same, by catch is shows 6 in shop it show 5, overviews even have 8 Solution: make the grid everywhere the same 5 or 6 wide Choosing bait or groundbait When selecting it doesnt show the bait you have on, so you cant see how much is left Solution: show the bait on your rod with a mark in the grid Maps, i cant view the maps i have in stock Solution: make maps viewable even when you are not on that map Catched fish Your overal catched fish only shows if you have catched them, its not updated with your last biggest catch Solution: update with last biggest catch Stats by catched fish: More info like groundbait, hook, line and spot Fish in fishnet: Show more info, like hooks, spot, groundbait, pva etc. We do this with real fishing and that should be so easy here. Solution: implement more data for catched fish Maps dont show meters by grid, so its always guesing what a distance is Solution: Show grid on map with proper coordinates and measurments like a map should have Random snags: On many places you can get snagged mid air on for example Mosquito. Looks like some old design is left like a tree. Also, there are to many random snags. Solution: check maps for left over items and remove them all and properly Cursor arrow freezes mid screen Hard to reproduce but sometimes the cursor-arrow freezes in center screen and cant be removed, everything still works buit the arrow stays in center screen. Landing fish with net Lots of time the fish dangles in the air and you are dancing to get it in, those mechanics have to be improved Solution: fix the mechanics Changing maps Your rod shows the pva is still on, unless you press V, then it shows there is no pva on. You notice it with casting or no bites. Solution: check the logic and config Switching between holding ground bait and a rod goes to slow, its improved for rod to rod but not for rod to groundbait Solution: make as fast as switching rods Finding your float in the water, its not always easy to find. Solution: ctrl-1 ctrl-2 ctrl-3 shows a mark on the screen where the accoording float is in the water. Float colors, some of them are not usable if you are color blind. Solution: let player choose color of float.
  14. After chaning maps, when you pikcup the rod, the top left in screen shows PVA is online, but there is no pva on the line when you look at details. Lots of time you cast and then find out there is no pva on the line or when fishing with small PVA you notice after a while because you get no bites.
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