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  1. Morlach

    Skill tree discussions

    Probably not.. But curious as well.
  2. Morlach

    Persian Sturgeon

    The price of this type of sturgeon seems a bit low to me. I got around 464 silver for an 80+ kg one. Which is quite a drop compared to other sturgeons. Probably intentional, but still a bit strange.. Expected more after an epic fight with the monster.
  3. Morlach

    Kuori Lake

  4. Morlach

    Kuori Lake

    2 hours of trolling, and spinning. The update is amazing. Finally could enjoy some spinning. Lures mostly used are the red hypnotic 20 and the reddish heaven creek agressor.
  5. Morlach

    Farming silver

    My goto silver farming place is Sura, 3 feeders with fluoro leader, 7.5m hole, nightcrawlers. Quite reliable, works 9 out of 10 times for me. You will need at least 14kg gear though. You can try loop rig with different groundbaits, or just simple bottom rig.
  6. Morlach

    Lake Ladoga

    Still struggling with this lake. So i am farming my working places as i have little time to play during weekdays. Gonna try again at the weekend. Are you using fluoro leaders here for spinning like in Kuori?
  7. Morlach

    Spin Bait Casting Q&A

    It is much easier with bottom fishing. You can make more silver more reliably. Spinning is much more "work". That is why i struggle with spinning skill. I am just a lazy person :). Also i am farming now for better gear which gets really expensive close to endgame gear. And for silver bottom fishing is just straight up a better option sadly.
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