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  1. Hey joe i have a question about bear lake, or "bare lake" Why has this water been nerfed so hard for players using feeder/carp setups? This is supposed to be the top carp lake in the game but the only players who have good sessions there are using "Match" rods with "sandwich baits" If this "SIM" is indeed a sim, then the idea of going to bear with 3 carp rods, using groundbait & PVA should yield a whole lot more fish than a rod designed to catch roach & small bream , but this is not the case anymore. If i had to level up now instead of 2 years ago & i got to bear lake the way it is now, i'd most probably quit, getting 1 fish using 3 carp rods in 45 minutes is not acceptable, especially when all guys in your chat are hauling in 10-30kg's every few mins using float rods/sandwich in the same chat. This really needs to be fixed please! Rant over lol.
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