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  1. BasJ


    Old Burg - Tench 35:58 clip 8m Trophy
  2. BasJ


    Common Roach Old Burg Lake, 43:32 clip, 15m Fish: Setup:
  3. BasJ


    Perch Winding Rivulet 119:125 clip 25 Setup
  4. 1 ingame hour at 56:93 casting towards the bridge with clip 7 or 8
  5. Thank you, I will try that today
  6. Not so lucky on the ide so far. When trying things out I found spot 59:77 to be a decent spot for tench with clip 20m (casting north into 4m hole) and caster as bait. I also used roach groundbait
  7. Thank you for telling! Caught a few ides there yesterday with the heaviest one around 1,5kg, also lost one big fish there which i believed to be an ide after a few minutes of drilling. Gear didnt break and I didnt get the 'fish lost' notification in chat so that was weird. I will give it a second shot this afternoon
  8. Already caught a few ides around 1kg at the pier (53:87, casting north clip 15m) so far with caviar 16 and prawns 16. Looks like i am able to target (and catch) them more specific now. Also, this crucian took the bait.
  9. Thank you, have a few things to try now! Both of you thanks for the quick and helpfull responses
  10. Thank you, will try that. Other tips for bait except the pea porridge? (need to up my crafting lvl with 10% before being able to make that) I tried mostly with boilies (tuna, salmon, different boilies with mussels, bloodworm) so far.
  11. Does anyone have tips for location and/ or bait for catching trophy ide? The 2 locations mentioned at the beginning of the topic have not been very productive for me so far.
  12. BasJ


    Mosquito Lake - Chinese Sleeper Coords: 53:87 (casting north) Clip: 6m Bait: nightcrawler Trophy:
  13. BasJ


    Mosquito Lake - Gibel Carp Coords: 53:87 (casting north) Clip: about 50% (something around 10m) Trophy: Setup:
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