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  1. Map: Ladoga archipelago Grid: F4(13m hole) Bait: Snatcher-S002 IGN: ScaNN
  2. in my experience when i take my reels to prepare them for the season i dont pay for the shipping of the grease i just take them to the shop and pick them up when they are ready usually repair shops have grease in stock and they dont order small packages anyways i get the point of greasing a reel requires it to be taken apart so ye if we really want to go in depth we could calculate that i even agree with the fact that it was a bit cheap to grease a venga but to go from a few silver to around 380 is just ridiculous if you ask me i would agree that 100-150 is reasonable to some extent but around 380 is just no way near reasonable and then there is the triumph reel i cant even imagine how much that costs now.. probably over 800silver.. i just hope this conversation reaches the ppl who changed the price and they reconsider and go with a price thats somewhere in the middle
  3. im pretty sure the answer is yes
  4. Thanks Elwood for that answer! So what this means is + x rig is ONLY size but % is size AND bite rate.
  5. daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn gz!
  6. Awesome give it to dj please i hope it will help out some lower lvl with the grind.
  7. IGN: ScaNN Map: Akhtuba river Location: 126:133 Bait: Helen Van Zandt Tuna pellets 18 + Old pal Crab & Mussels 20 Soluble
  8. IGN: ScaNN Map: Akhtuba river Location: 126:133 Bait: Helen Van Zandt Tuna pellets 18 + Old pal Crab & Mussels 20 Soluble
  9. ScaNN


    Tunguska River - Peled Coords:16:116 Depth:1.5m Clip: 14-15 Setup:
  10. Lets start a new one Good luck guys!
  11. ScaNN


    Figured I would share this one here to give some content to the page and to help you guys catch one as well. spot is 16:116 i didnt use clip but its around 15m from shore 1.5m depth setup bite rate is great and i was using 3 of the same setup
  12. Always have atleast 1 one hour ticket for that type of boat and map with you and if you dont want to end up with rods in the holder just pick them up when the warning says you have 1 hr left or you can just relog since you are already teleported back to starting position
  13. Today i decided to try for them so i got 2 lures for 100silver each and spent 3-4 hours trolling. Managed to land a 10 and a 15kg + i got 2 small ones around 3kg. Came back online after a 5hr break and after catching a few other species i hooked into this beast whom i had to chase around the whole map to land took about 20 minutes and it got tired. This was my 5th Caspian Brown Trout ever setup about the lure: its from the tunguska shop and barely catching anything else bite rate is low but the results are great hooked at the square and i got lucky i could turn it before it ran off the map at some point i had to put down the rod and go after the fish because trolling speed wasnt enough to keep up with the fish trolling route
  14. I have to agree with you. carp rods and pva is superior to match rods and match is even harder since you need to hook the fish aswell. maybe a new tab for "float" could motivate more ppl to start using match without modifying any silver/bite rate we have tabs for ul and telesticks i dont see why we couldnt have one for "float"
  15. its a good thing to have if for example you fish at bear and you cast with a 17m clip you can set it to the same distance and feed the proper spot not just randomly cast shorter-longer all over the place with your hand mouse scroll to set the wanted distance and throw with 100% power to make sure it goes out that long since usuall you fish under 35m's you can use it for most of the time
  16. little by little getting closer to the trophy Name: ScaNN Map: Old burg Coordinates: 21:67 Bait: Fresh Raspberry Pop-Up 20 + Fresh Raspberry Pop-Up 16
  17. slowly getting there! Name: ScaNN Map: Old burg Coordinates: 47:20 Bait: Banana 26 pop up + Banana 20 pop-up
  18. a little bigger on a different spot Name: ScaNN Map: Old burg Coordinates: 53:13 Bait: Banana 26 pop up + Banana 20 pop-up
  19. Just to start it off Name: ScaNN Map: Old burg Coordinates: 53:13 Bait: Diced potatoes + Cabbage leaf
  20. on the post rules there is this one line that says so even if he caught it in the correct region and time frame but didnt post it within 3 hours of being caught its not valid for the tournament i guess
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