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  1. It took long enough ^^ Heaven Creek Hypnotic 20g-001 Clip NA 12m hole Kuori lake 27,7kg leader
  2. :D, sorry Kole. I was kinda in a hurry when U told me that I only had a few minutes to edit the post.
  3. Severksy Donets Pontic Shad spot Mayfly bait (challenge fish)
  4. Good Idea Kole! My 3,4grayling was caught 12h before u made this post :l
  5. 73 49 has got me many great brown trout and graylings. Chub and asp are usually an exception from this spot. Lure: Pomor snowflake (not able to be bought anymore), hand made spinner 3g Clip: NA Bite off count: NA Silver per hour: 180s (240s with cafe order)
  6. Yeah, Kuori lake is dangerous. But you are right, as I have had days where I can farm up to 300s in 1 hour :).
  7. I have been trolling around at kuori lake, trying to gain some xp and make a little silver along the way. It turns out that Kuori lake is super active. Top Tested Lures: Dodger ss004 (9 gram), Kiruuna hunter 001, 002, and 003 (26g) Snatcher s005 and s003 (Lake trout and sevan trout only) Tactic: Trolling over 15m hole repeatedly Silver per hour average: 190s per hour Leader: 10kg fluorocarbon (store bought) Bite off total (2 times) Total time tested: (12 rl hours) Notable catches: 9.1kg arctic, 9.9kg arctic, 8.1kg sevan, 9.1kg lake trout
  8. Its not much but its mine ^_^ Spot: 53:84 Map: New Mosquito Lake Clip: Using tele rod, no clip
  9. Got him drifting near the buoy at servesky donets. Clip: No clip
  10. So as you all may know, I am the king of breaking rods/reels. I have been taking notes about how these rods/reels break. For example, I was using a lacerti 2 and dynamic at kuori, and I purposely hooked into a decent pike knowing that sacrificing either a rod or reel or lure + a decent fish. For example, one thing I have learned through these many tests, is that the ratings do not always reflect what will happen to the rod/reel/line. Sometimes you can have line rated higher than rod/reel but line still breaks (I was using no leader though). Just some facts for you low lvl players who don't know what I mean. Tight Lines, Gamer4000
  11. Not a trophy Tench, But I will accept it Clip: 6m Spot: 70:50 Old Burg Lake
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