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  1. It took long enough ^^ Heaven Creek Hypnotic 20g-001 Clip NA 12m hole Kuori lake 27,7kg leader
  2. :D, sorry Kole. I was kinda in a hurry when U told me that I only had a few minutes to edit the post.
  3. Severksy Donets Pontic Shad spot Mayfly bait (challenge fish)
  4. Good Idea Kole! My 3,4grayling was caught 12h before u made this post :l
  5. 73 49 has got me many great brown trout and graylings. Chub and asp are usually an exception from this spot. Lure: Pomor snowflake (not able to be bought anymore), hand made spinner 3g Clip: NA Bite off count: NA Silver per hour: 180s (240s with cafe order)
  6. Yeah, Kuori lake is dangerous. But you are right, as I have had days where I can farm up to 300s in 1 hour :).
  7. I have been trolling around at kuori lake, trying to gain some xp and make a little silver along the way. It turns out that Kuori lake is super active. Top Tested Lures: Dodger ss004 (9 gram), Kiruuna hunter 001, 002, and 003 (26g) Snatcher s005 and s003 (Lake trout and sevan trout only) Tactic: Trolling over 15m hole repeatedly Silver per hour average: 190s per hour Leader: 10kg fluorocarbon (store bought) Bite off total (2 times) Total time tested: (12 rl hours) Notable catches: 9.1kg arctic, 9.9kg arctic, 8.1kg sevan, 9.1kg lake trout
  8. Its not much but its mine ^_^ Spot: 53:84 Map: New Mosquito Lake Clip: Using tele rod, no clip
  9. Got him drifting near the buoy at servesky donets. Clip: No clip
  10. So as you all may know, I am the king of breaking rods/reels. I have been taking notes about how these rods/reels break. For example, I was using a lacerti 2 and dynamic at kuori, and I purposely hooked into a decent pike knowing that sacrificing either a rod or reel or lure + a decent fish. For example, one thing I have learned through these many tests, is that the ratings do not always reflect what will happen to the rod/reel/line. Sometimes you can have line rated higher than rod/reel but line still breaks (I was using no leader though). Just some facts for you low lvl players who don't know what I mean. Tight Lines, Gamer4000
  11. Not a trophy Tench, But I will accept it Clip: 6m Spot: 70:50 Old Burg Lake
  12. Clip: No Clip Spot: 38 63
  13. Not an eel but I will take it Btw, this fish stole my last nightcrawler, so just imagine that a nightcrawler is there
  14. As we all know, Russian Fishing 4 is much different than an arcade fishing game. Russian Fishing 4 is much more advanced. Russian Fishing 4 is definitely a game that you will be playing for many years though (if you enjoy playing) because you can't visit the Akhtuba river on your second day of playing. The big problem with Russian Fishing 4 is that the grind in this game is brutal. For example, it gets boring making xp and silver fishing for breams at mosquito lake 24/7. Also, some of the more fun fish for low level players to catch (chubs, crucians, gibels, and perch) do not make very much xp. I will admit though, that chub and perch make decent silver. Also, when it comes to increasing your harvest lvls, low level players will struggle once they get to the point where crafting "the crumb" does not get them bait harvest points. Also, if you guys haven't noticed, the only place for low level players to catch any type of sturgeon is the Belaya river (sterlet). If Russian Fishing 4 is to add a new lake or river, it should be for lvl 14+. I am not a fan of the gap in between Belaya and Kuori. In fact, I consider lvl 12-16 the "dead zone" of Russian fishing 4. I think that it is difficult for a lvl 12 or 13 player to get through the levels, because they have no good path. While catching bleak, chub and breams may get a player through lvl 4 or 5, it won't get them through lvl 14 with ease. I agree with the way gear is priced, although I would like to see a small price drop in all of the reels, and I think that you guys should bring back the gen 1 of the lacerti for a limited time. Also, a trading station or a flea market would be nice for a high or mid level player who has lots of entry level tackle that he/she doesn't need. I think just like @Kole S said, fly fishing would be a good addition. Tight Lines
  15. Ok I still think that there is a glitch. Are you able to see how large those arctics were? I am just curious if they were larger than they look and it was not old spinning line. If you can tell me how large those arctics were pls do
  16. At Kuori lake earlier, I had some smaller arctic chars hit my spinners and spoons, and immediately broke them off at the boat. I was using pretty crappy line, express fishing superline 20lb, but still. I don't know if anglers who fish at tunguska notice this problem with the arctic chars, but I think this needs to be fixed. I can tell that they are small by the shape of their body.
  17. Lately at Kuori lake, we have seen many different lures working. After the last patch, dodger crank ss002 and ss004 have been working very well. Other wobblers and spinners that are colored like perch have been working well. Furthermore, a lure that looks like a dying vendace (purple, gray, and black) have been working well. The best weather for Kuori has been hot and rainy. Finally, on some days, Kuori is very active, and you can make up to 400 silver. Other days you will catch a few small perch that sell for pennies. Some good lures to use with Fluoro leaders Lures: Kiruuna hunter 2 26g 002, and 006, Dodger Crank ss002, and ss004, Kiruuna Veikko 001, 004, 005, 009, 011, 012, and 013.
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