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  1. Sorry to hear that If something like that happens again, you can try to bump it off with the boat, that worked for me and helped me land my biggest russian
  2. Nice! Some info on where you got those would be helpful
  3. Here's a very lucky 3.5h session of carp fishing at Akhtuba, at 74:49 (d8). All fish were cought on Salmon 14 or Halibut 14, with grasscarp+pellets gb or PVA and 2/0 hooks.
  4. The epic conclusion to the battle of Man vs Sturgeon vs Island Took 4h to get out due to it being stuck on the island, had to bump it free with the boat in the end Just goes to show, never surrender, there is always a way!
  5. Guzomlat

    Kuori lake

    this was a long time ago, in the pike corner, coords were 70:102 or 72:102, can't remember, bait was fish pieces for burbot and lure was hunter 001, the orange color for the rest. that spot might not be active now, I had good results trolling the deep holes around the island lately.
  6. Anyone got any tips or spots for these guys? I get mostly small ones at the village.
  7. The end result of my session: Very happy with the results, these are my first 2 trophy cats Second trophy was also on loop with piece of fish, all fish were cought on 98:40. Sterlets were on piece of fish and nc , carp on freshwater krill and nc. If someone is looking for a trophy cat you should go there, 7.5m hole is full of big cats, I lost 2 more big ones, felt 30kg+
  8. Session on Sura so far: Fat cat was on loop rig with piece of fish. Took 1 h 25 min with tagara reel. Would have more fish in the net but was fighting the cat and I seem to lose fish when I put the rod down.
  9. Not many sturgeon in the 7.5 m hole, at least not for me. A lot of catfish and wild carp, some bighead and decent sterlets. Piece of fish, nightcrawlers and fresh water krill 18 work the best for me. I'm making decent silver there for the last few days.
  10. So... this happened, first blue for me Mayfly larva in the 14m hole.
  11. Guzomlat

    Baits Q&A

    I got a few trophy Ide on them, they are situational from my experience. I've cought Bream, Ide, Burbot, Bighead carp and Perch on leech so far.
  12. Got this beast just now, at 98:40. Slow and steady fight. About 35 - 40 mins
  13. Guzomlat

    Kuori lake

    Some nice burbot on frogs and ruffe in the Quay
  14. I'm sure as I can be, I had only 2 cut lines when bottom fishing and I'm almost lvl 26 with almost 75% bottom fishing, 1 was at kuori, and 1 on volkhov, both were smallish pike, no more than 2-3kg from my estimate, they 100% were not catfish, I catch catfish on paternoster and loop rigs on volkhov and sura regularly without any problems. Buuut, this is just my own experience, it could be however that there is a chance, a really really small one and it never happened to me. I agree, it would be nice to have an official statement about this, since I've seen the statement that catfish cut line repeated on the forum from multiple people.
  15. Guzomlat

    Kuori lake

    Tought I'd share todays session, had a lot of luck with burbots today, but the pike still won't fatten up those few hundred gram to trophy sizes
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