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  1. Regarding the breams, how is it possible to fish in the same place as other players and not catch a single fish for an entire competition? If you are not having luck in one location try another, It is not always best to fish in the spot everyone else is fishing. If you consider the game a waste of time then maybe find a different game now. Supporting or not supporting this game should not play into weather you play the game. The game can be played and achieve high level and gear for completely free. I am not an admin. Good Luck
  2. Hook size plays a role, as well as bait size when using boilies etc. Matching hook size to bait size for the best bite rate.
  3. Sir Bon

    Frog as bait?

    It is possible when using the Baitfish rig.
  4. Hi all, Thank you for your time. I have often had difficulty with the amount of time that baitfish stay alive in game. and I am a "hardcore" player, I can only imagine what a struggle the casual player must struggle with under a 3 day criteria. With this in mind I sent out to research on the world wide web to find out how we could realistically and practically fix this problem. I found the above quoted information. As many of you know RF4 is very realistic. And to make a change we have to be practical. So my proposal is this. If RF4 were to implement a new "Aerator" as stated above that is adaptable to the current bait bucket. This adapter aerator would then extend the life of baitfish to 30 days. A very realistic value for even the casual player. This Adapter should be purchasable for both gold and silver coins. If you agree with my post. Please hit like, or leave a comment. Thank you.
  5. This quote was taken from the following link As you see here. it not ONLY says 9,000 points for 2nd biggest but is ALSO says 9kg for the weight of 2nd biggest. I am using 2nd for example. But as you see they do lists weights to give you a idea of the formula. So if biggest is 10kg and 2nd biggest is 9kg then yes the 2nd place would get 9,000 points. however the value is representative of the total value. So if for example you had a 9.5 Kg Pike. then you would in turn be awarded 95% of the total value of points. I do hope my answer has helped a little. And cya in the next comp
  6. Nice picture, Looks like an Albino to me.
  7. This process is normally quicker than the forums replies. Best of luck with your transfer and cya soon
  8. Map: Lower Tunguska River Coords: 73:105 Bait: Rhinoceros Beetle Larva IGN: Sir Bon
  9. If you already have one similar rod just buy 2 of them, And these rods are capable of fishing for bream which is decent silver and exp at your level and they are biting on old burg right now.
  10. The starter feeder kits are well balanced, if you have not bought 3 of them, I do advise buying them. I believe they are 149 silver and they are cheaper than if you bought the parts individually.
  11. You may fish for bream everyday but this is the first I have seen a forum tournament for it in a long long time. Please do not insult the admin team. If you have a suggestion for a tournament then please leave it in the respective forum. This is a new team handling tournaments now. And again I want to say I do not recall seeing a tournament of this exact type in a long time, I believe its your personal experience from fishing them regularly. Which actually should give you an advantage in the comp. see you then. cheers!
  12. Thank you for the post @Kinetix. I know the forum goes through spells of inactivity but posts like yours help other anglers out. Thank you
  13. When the mods delete Jimmys post will you delete mine above also too please. And I hope that further posts in this topic get back to the original posters thread, which was his experience with trophy chances with different rigs
  14. Some examples might be: the black sea shemaya, the clupoonella and the ruffe. they are all small species yet some of them reward additional exp for releasing them
  15. Only if there is a stated exp bonus. there are exp bonuses on small and large fish of different species.
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