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  1. jhendrix61978

    Report a Bug

    Hello, So after looking at the log It appears that you line was about 14% warn and on the second break it was 15% warn so at this point your line of 9.5kg has become weaker than the reels break strength of 23 and 24 that you were using so the line being the weaker point the fish that you lost put more force on your line than what it could handle because at the 15% worn is just over 8kg. So that being said watch the tension bar when you are reeling a fish in it shows you the weakest point of your setup that is the line in this case you do not want it to go into the red at all and very little into the yellow, The other option you have is to replace your line before it is that weak or use a slightly heavier line.
  2. jhendrix61978


    Taimen The taimen or Siberian taimen is a fish species of the salmon family. It lives in many water bodies of Siberia and the Far East. It may also be found in large rivers of the European part of Russia. Beside fish, this predator's diet includes small mammals caught in the water. Taimen's elongated body is covered with small scales. It has a dark brown, sometimes greenish, back, light brown sides with dark spots, and a whitish belly. Taimen's head is flattened and equipped with sharp curved teeth, thus resembling that of a pike. For this reason, in the Urals it is sometimes called the "red pike". Adult taimen can reach impressive size of 1.5 to 2 meters and weigh more than 60 kg. The average size of an adult fish usually does not exceed 70 cm, with a body weight of 3 to 4 kg.
  3. jhendrix61978

    Brown Trout

    Brown trout Brown trout inhabits many rivers of the European part of Russia. Usually it is found in those water bodies, where saltwater and lake trout species may get. It feeds on small crustaceans, insects, tadpoles and fish fry. brown trout is characterized by its bright color. Its back is black, its belly is light with golden tinge. On its sides and fins, there are black, orange and red spots with light rims. The color and its intensity depends on the color of the water and the soil. The usual weight of an adult fish is from 300 to 500 g, but there are specimens weighing up to 1 or 2 kg.
  4. jhendrix61978


    Belaya River is one of the most important and beautiful rivers of Bashkortostan. Its length is almost one and a half thousand kilometers. Beside its beauty, Belaya River is famous as an excellent fishing destination. In this river, rich in fish, one may catch catfish, pike, asp, zander and sterlet. There is a chance to catch a brown trout as well. But the main trophy is, of course, taimen. Located on a small picturesque island, the fishing base provides everything you need for comfortable fishing. On the Belaya River, you can successfully use most types of tackle, but especially efficient here will be fishing with a spinning rod.
  5. jhendrix61978

    Report a Bug

    Rift, if your are having a connection issue between your pc and our server there is little that we can do with that as the game does require a stable internet connection to function properly so stores and inventory and that may suffer loading issues while the connection is unstable
  6. jhendrix61978

    Report a Bug

    Mark you are here on the leaderboard please allow time for the server to update.
  7. jhendrix61978

    Report a Bug

    This is the first we are hearing of it Thank you for the report
  8. jhendrix61978

    Patch notes and Announcements

    Tonight 11pm est server restart. Patch fix for Steam wallet purchases for existing RF4 profiles.
  9. jhendrix61978

    Steam purchased Gold or Premium

    To all RF4 players that have purchased Gold or Premium through Steam for your existing RF4 profile and the gold or premium went to your steam profile instead, please send an email to support@rf4game.com from your email that is registered to your Rf4 profile requesting a transfer.
  10. jhendrix61978

    Steam Release

    Jackeytang925, There will be an option soon to change this yourself, If you do not wish to wait you can request a change to support@rf4game.com from your registered email.
  11. jhendrix61978

    Report a Bug

    RiftQuakeNZL, Have you tried other workshops as the one that you are currently trying may be out of parts.
  12. jhendrix61978

    RF4 goes to Steam

    This is still being worked and there is no date for when it will be complete we will release language packs when they are done.
  13. jhendrix61978

    Steam Release

    Pl69, start the game once in game you need to hold shift and hit exit.
  14. jhendrix61978

    Report a Bug

    Thank you for you report, I think that you will find that you need only to wait for the animation to complete before trying to dig again or change to your rods doing so to quickly will cause this issue we are aware of it and are looking for a solution,.
  15. jhendrix61978

    Report a Bug

    Well ScatterBrain, Sorry you think this is a bug but it is not the game initializes the sound card hardware through its loading process and cannot be changed once started you will find that many of the new games that are starting to use 3d sound hardware will react the same way so if you want the sound from your speakers the set them as your default sound device where as the game sees your usb sound device as default that is the device it will initialize first sorry there is nothing else that we can do to change this there is nothing wrong with your game so this is not a bug further post about this issue will be removed.
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