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  1. Well if you read what was ask of you, you would have seen that you were asked to preform the steps and provide information this you have not done so how do you expect us to help you if you cannot help us help you The problem is not server side 99% of the problem is somewhere in between your computer and our server not the server itself.
  2. Dear friends! In the previous update of the game, we increased the sensitivity of the Test Weight overrun indicator of rods. The purpose of this change was to warn the player in advance about the increased wear and, as a result, the threat of damage to the gear. Pre-patch the indicator was triggered when the test was exceeded by 50%, then in the last update, we lowered the response threshold to 10%. To help players accurately calculate the total mass of the float equipment, we have now implemented the display of the following additional parameters: -The mass of the float -The mass of the split-shot /sinker used to secure the float. The weight of the automatically set split-shot sinker that is used, is calculated based on the values of the load of the installed float, the weight of the hook in the water and the baits. Examples of calculating the total weight of equipment and calculating the weight of an automatically installed sinker will be given in the “Assembling Gear” section of the User Guide. Description of the update: - For floats, the display of the “Mass” parameter is implemented. - For hooks and baits, the “Weight in water” parameter has been implemented. - The slot “Sinker” was added to the float accessories, the slot is filled automatically. The weight of the sinker is selected based on the values of the load of the installed float, the weight of the hook in the water and the baits. - The minimum mass of the automatically installed sinker is reduced to 0.25 grams. - The weight of bleak sold in shops has been reduced to 40 grams. It is now possible to make live bait from a bleak weighing from 40 to 70 grams. - Instead of the Ping indicator, we have implemented a connection status indicator. - Fixed- In certain cases, there was a game logic error that led to increased “fish got away” messages. - Fixed- Some elements of the user interface had an incorrect size or location. - Fixed- After the end of a thunderstorm sounds of thunder and flashes of lightning continued to be produced. Thank you RF4 Team
  3. Tomorrow, June 15 at 01:00 am EST, the server will be restarted and the client will be updated. Approximate time of work is 1 hour.
  4. This is already a topic for discussions and not needed to add more clutter please keep same issue in the topics already created. This topic is now locked and scheduled for deletions in the next week. Thank you Rf4 Team
  5. Please follow the steps here: Also please follow the guide lines for posting issues: Please use the start new topic per Bug. Please do not hijack others post for a different issue create a new post please. Use the Start new topic button to post. When posting a bug please take the following steps: 1. Whenever possible post an image. 2. Please provide the steps taken to cause the problem. 3. Provide your in game name if different from your forum name. 4. Provide your system specifications 5. Do not attack the players, developers, or support team. This will cause your post to be deleted. 6. Keep your speech polite. We completely understand that you are frustrated, and we do want to help; however, impolite speech can cause your post to be deleted as well.
  6. Hello LoneWulvss, Please follow the steps provided here: also please follow the guidelines for posting issues: Technical Issues (Click Here) Follow Please use the start new topic per Bug. Please do not hijack others post for a different issue create a new post please. Use the Start new topic button to post. When posting a bug please take the following steps: 1. Whenever possible post an image. 2. Please provide the steps taken to cause the problem. 3. Provide your in game name if different from your forum name. 4. Provide your system specifications 5. Do not attack the players, developers, or support team. This will cause your post to be deleted. 6. Keep your speech polite. We completely understand that you are frustrated, and we do want to help; however, impolite speech can cause your post to be deleted as well.
  7. There is something in your system that is blocking part of the update, I am not sure what yet but i will try to investigate further
  8. Hey Geldour, Is your game set to run as administrator? Some times Windows will not allow the install to work correctly if not.
  9. - Increased the brightness of the light source on electronic bite alarms. - For diagnostic purposes, the “Ping” indicator has been implemented. It displays the message 'passing time' between the client and the game server. The display of this indicator can be enabled in the game settings. - Improved game time synchronization between the server and game clients. - The game is localized in Japanese and Chinese traditional languages. - In stores each product has an indicator of the presence of the same product being present in a backpack. - For ease of navigation in the fishing stores we implemented a drop-down menus. - Increased the sensitivity of the indicator that shows exceeding the maximum test (weight of terminal tackle) recomended for equipment. - Increased the mass of bleak up to 50 grams that are sold in shops. Self made live baits can be made from bleak weighing from 50 grams to 70 grams. - Movement with the rod for setting the hook is now performed by holding the CTRL + RMB key combination. - The transition to a new version of Unity3D. - Implementation of a Polish client, including the forum and the Polish RF4 team. - Adjusted the character's animated movements when doing “Twitching” and “Jerking” methods, as well as when hauling back on fish and in moments of jerking loads. - For Rods with the maximum Hardness/Stiffness the sensitivity of the bite indicator was increased
  10. jhendrix61978


    Dear polish community, We are happy and proud to present the polish standalone client, complete with polish forum, polish support team, polish discord, polish region only tournaments, team tournaments, and much more. Our dedicated polish support team will answer your questions, help you with technical difficulties and collect your suggestions, even in voice chat on the discord server. Standalone players will also have access to special tournaments with awesome prizes organized on polish region forum. Of course you will still be able to interact with friends on all other national clients like before. Polish players on standalone client need to download the new client from https://rf4.pl/download/. You won’t be able to log in on the English client any more. If you prefer to stay on the English client, please contact admin@rf4.pl and request to be transferred to ENG region. You won't be able to stay/play on PL region using existing English client. Kind Regards, RF4 Team
  11. jhendrix61978


    Tomorrow, June 04, at 02:30 est, the server will be restarted and the RF4 client will be updated. Estimated time during which the game will be unavailable - 2 hours.
  12. jhendrix61978


    There are many changes and new products for Polish players of Russian Fishing 4. Tomorrow after the server restart we will present you the official Polish page of RF4, including the Polish forum and the Polish client of the game. In addition, you can expect many attractions, such as individual competitions or team competitions, which will be organized only for players using the Polish version of the game. The Polish region will become a completely separate region, as the English, German and Russian regions have been until now. Although each of these regions has a separate page, forum, own customer service team and its own rules, each of these regions is part of one big community of Russian Fishing 4 and it will remain unchanged. We do not isolate ourselves from the rest of the RF4 community, but only we offer you a Polish team of RF4, which will focus entirely on the Polish community in our game. We hope that after changes, our contact with Polish players will be even better and we will be able to provide you with the best possible support. After the upgrade, the current game client will stop working for players from the Polish region and it will be necessary to download the Polish version of the game. Your RF4PL team
  13. jhendrix61978


    Rules of conduct for the Forum and game “Russian Fishing 4” on rf4game.com We are glad that you want to play on our server. Like everyone else, you have to follow certain rules. There are rules for the behavior in the game as well as rules for the game-related behavior outside of the game. There is also a complaint procedure for inappropriate behavior of other players. All we have regulated below: 1. Game behavior Be respectful and fair towards the other players and the team. 2. Prohibited behavior 2.1. Simple violations 2.1.1. Simple violations are in particular: • the use of swear words and vulgar expressions (no matter in which language), • insulting statements to other players and / or the team, • racist, pornographic, violent, harmful or otherwise illegal under USA law, • entering three consecutive, identical or similar letters, words or messages, • entering sentences or whole words in capital letters (activated shift key), • the use of incomprehensible characters, • spamming, • Flooding the chat, • harassing messages to other players, • a public discussion about the inability of the moderator / administrator to • Actions that hamper our online servers and communication between players, • the posting of: false information or unlawful disclosure of other information (including the transfer of personal data) in relation to the moderators, administrators, developers and other members of the project «Russian Fishing 4», • Discussing methods for hacking, using manipulative computer programs and cheating in the game, • Posting of advertising messages, including Internet links. 2.1.2. Punishment for simple violations The moderators may penalize for simple violations at their sole discretion and depending on the severity of the offense • compulsory fishing on the penalty lake (according to section 3) and / or • impose a ban on the interfering player for a period of between 1 to 30 days (for the period of the ban the player is suspended and can not participate in the game) and / or • In the case of prohibited statements to third parties or in the chat or in the forum the time-defined or Premoderation or the blocking of posts in the forum and / or the blocking of certain or all content for reading in the forum set. 2.2. Serious violations 2.2.1. In particular, serious violations are: • using methods or third-party programs to manipulate the results in the game, • serious violations of the conditions of use and licensing for the use of the program «Russian Fishing 4», • using usernames related to drugs, fascism, racism, or Nazism, pornographic or violence glorifying references, or vulgar / obscene expressions • the use of usernames corresponding to the names of the programmers of «Russian Fishing 4» and the use of the «Russian Fishing 4» logo, without the permission of the copyright holder, • the creation of user names that contain links to web resources, • the use of profile images depicting cruelty, violence, erotic and pornographic content, as well as those containing obscene or vulgar expressions, • Posts about the sale and purchase of game-ing game items, real money, ie Euro (€) or other currency, as well as announcing the sale or handover of a gaming profile, • the use of bugs and glitches in the game for personal benefit or to simplify the game, • Fraud or deception of a player to get items or otherwise manipulate the game, • the creation of a fake account. 2.2.2. Punishment for serious violations Moderators may, at their discretion and for the purposes of Section 2.2, penalize the measures referred to in 2.1.2. and additionally or instead impose a ban from 5 days to permanent blocking. 3. penalty lake For minor violations, the moderators can also issue a warning and send the player to the penalty lake. There he must catch a predetermined amount of fish before he can participate in the regular game again. 4th forum A blocking in the game automatically leads to a blocking in the forum. For violations according to para. 2, which are committed in the forum, the moderators can impose a premoderation for forum posts and / or blocking the player for the forum. 5. Repeated violations / violation of several rules If the offense is repeated, the above penalties can be increased to the point of permanent suspension of the player. If several rules are violated, the penalties can add up (spell time or amount of fish at the penalty lake). 6. Complaints against imposed penalties If you believe that a penalty imposed on you was wrongly pronounced, you can complain to support@rf4game.com by email . The complaint should include the following information: • username and account number, • date and time when the sentence was pronounced, • e-mail address or other means of communication, • Subject «Account complaint». 7. Game-related behavior of the player outside of the game 7.1. The player is prohibited from the following behavior in and on third media, platforms and websites (eg Twitch, Youtube, other forums, public chats): • Establishment and dissemination of untrue factual allegations concerning the game or moderators, administrators, developers and other members of the Russian Fishing 4 project; • Expressing abuse (eg insults) about the game or moderators, administrators, developers and other members of the Russian Fishing 4 project; • dissemination of untrue factual claims or legally prohibited abuse criticisms (eg insults) in relation to other players; • simulating the identity of moderators, administrators, developers and other members of the Russian Fishing 4 project. 7.2. For violations of the obligations under section 7.1. at its discretion, depending on the nature, severity, duration and frequency of the infringement, the measures referred to in points 2.1.2. and 2.2.2. be imposed. Further legal steps remain reserved. 8. Complaints against other players 8.1. Players have the opportunity to report inappropriate behavior of other players in a complaint. The complaint can be submitted by pressing the button “Report Misconduct” next to a player name in the chat window. 8.2. The moderators and administrators will investigate the complaint immediately and, should the player in question violate the Code of Conduct, review and, if necessary, institute appropriate sanctions. The complaining player is not entitled to any specific action against the offending player. 8.3. Complaints are only permissible if other players violate these rules of conduct. In case of repeated unjustified complaints, penalties according to section 2.1.2. be imposed.
  14. Hello mick024, If you go to the main page rf4game.com and log in then click on you avatar you will find the option to edit it. Thank you
  15. Q. Do we have a filter planned for fast choice of baits? Scrolling through the list of 300 baits is hard. Filters: weight, type, dept A.Filters for fast choice of baits are coming out in the near patches. Q.Will we have an ability to send bait not 1 at a time but a bunch. A.Functions of transferring items with messages will be not be adjusted. In the future player will have ability to transfer and sell big number of packs of items with the help of trading and trading store. Q.why fish can leave beyond buoys, but player can’t. I think it is not fair! Especially when fishing with ultralight, when big fish is biting. Can we fix this problem? A.In the near future we will fix a problem with fish beyond buoys. Fish will keep going beyond buoys but till certain limit, so player can stop fish with the help of slack of line on the spool. Q.How the bite rate works on any water body, one person with the same gear when fishing in the same spot with the same bait and hook, have different bite rate from another person. A.Fish is spread out throughout water bodies pretty evenly, except for some places that should not have as much fish in the first place. You need to keep in mind fish spreading with all species in mind. One place might seem empty, because target fish by player might be not present in this spot. Also keep in mind game environment is changing from time to time and some spots might go quite. Q.Will we have a trade store, if not why? A.Trading store is in works. We hope to have it in June. But like always, we might have bugs and month or two might be added to this date. Q.Will we have some kind of encyclopedia or a notepad where we can write down recipes or just general notes? A.We have a journal in plans, in which you can add notes about the caught fish and other events. Q.Will we get new maps with new fish types? A.We currently have new water bodies in works with new fish types. Q.Is the length of leash tied to any type of fishing, what does it influence? A.Length of leash currently only influences physics of gear. In the near patch leader will be reworked. As an example, carp gear leader will influence the quality of hooking and quality of gear, in other words will influence a chance of careful fish to hook. In spinners it will influence the chance of biting of. As an example pike might bite off above leader. Q.One person had a question about statistics, so players can look up what weather conditions, time and other things had the most results.( so that was answer to that about API) A.Public API for collecting of statistics is not in works at the moment, but there are discussions about it. We just don’t have hands to get to it. Q.Dear devs, I have more of a suggestion than a question, can we add fish finders to the game? A.Fish finder is planned for the near future update with boats. Q.Many players have a question that drives them crazy about lowering bite rate in the game and tournaments, is it just self conviction of some players who are saying this or devs can actually do that? A.There is no special lowering of bite chance. And there is no difference between player accounts. The thing is in completely different thing. First of all rumors about turning of biting if they were true we would have to admit that devs of RF4 is a collection of angry psychos from a mad house. I can’t explain in any other way this. Everything should make some sense. What is the reason for turning off bite rate? We would need to have a special team, pay them money, for rather strange job of turning off bite rate. If it bites for one person, but person next to him it doesn’t bite, there is a simple explanation. Nobody is paying attention to the fact that gear seems identical only from first look. But hook might differ by “1” size. Or the line tiny bit narrower. And that is all. Most often it is even simpler. Someone caught a trophy, and guy next to him didn’t catch one. Person gets emotional and starts writing everywhere that we turned off bite rate, and devs are terrible people. If he will write to admins, the guys will show him the logs, that they both caught about same number of fish in 3 hours but one caught a trophy. Trophy is a trophy for a reason, you need some luck. Most often the player will say he is sorry, but his emotions already spread throughout public forums. That is the way rumors appear. But the main thing in all this are misunderstandings, people got used to arcade fishing game. There are many of them and people used to them. In arcade game if you found a spot and got the bait right, it is forever. No nuances. We have a simulator of fishing, there are no other games like this. So person by inertia thinks and expects usual things from RF4. But everything is different here. And it happens so that emotions over take reasoning. We understand that arcade players will leave the game, but we have a lot of those that like it the way it is, no same process every time. Based not only on skill and knowledge but also random number generator. We are making some adjustments in the direction of not-arcade, and at the same time not to make life of player overly complicated. As an example, we decreased the frequency of fish migration, so it stays longer in one spot. But we will never make it an arcade, no matter how angry some get, and scare us with Collapse. Term, near future, need to be understood as this year, but not tomorrow. Please post your questions, We will try to get to them and get you answers. Thank you RF4 Team
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