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  1. Hello Krimsin, The issue should now be resolved. Thank you Rf4 Team
  2. Question: Does the wear of the bait affect the quality of the bite? Answer: Yes it does, but the threshold from which this effect becomes noticeable is very close to the lower boundary of the state of the bait. That is, you can safely use it almost "to the end." Question: Will there be a sea pond? Answer: Yes, the sea reservoir is laid down in the development plan. Question: Will there be winter fishing? Answer: At the moment, it is not planned. Question: Are you planning to introduce new mini-quests into the game? Answer: Yes, in the future all kinds of tasks are planned for the player. Question: Is it planned to hand over silver, gold, and premium, in addition to medals, for closing trophy specimens in a particular pond? Answer: The reward for the current quests will not be reviewed, this is unfair to those who have already closed these quests. Question: When introducing new regular, forum, individual, team tournaments into the game, will there be, in addition to the winner, the top three winners with the corresponding medals and prize pool? Answer: In some cases, the prize pool will be distributed more than between the first three winners, it depends on the tournament settings. Question: Is it planned to add a team lobby, where there will be such functions as - invite to a team, remove from a team, team chat, team awards section, team warehouse, change the team logo? Answer: Teams are currently at the project stage. It’s too early to talk about any specific functions, but the player’s arsenal will have everything necessary for a full-fledged team game. We understand the importance of this aspect of the game. Question: Is the visibility of the players planned? Answer: Yes, the issue of displaying the players of other players is now being discussed by the developers. Now we are looking for the most suitable technical solution to realize this opportunity. Question: There is an opinion among the players that there are 50 servers and each server has a different bite. Is this true? Answer: The server system runs on the same settings. There is no difference for a player to which server he is currently connected. This is done solely for load balancing between servers. In other words, the "game world" is formed by one server, and it is the same for everyone. Question: Will new ultralight bullet weights be added? Answer: Perhaps
  3. We are happy to announce that we are launching an official YouTube channel for the English team to produce educational content to share with you It can be found here: View Channel
  4. Dear fishing friends, We have been working on solutions for the disconnect issues for quite some time to finally solve this problem. In most regions we have made marked improvements through the new protocols. In some regions like Germany there are still have some challenges. For some players, things have been improved by the new protocols and settings; unfortunately it is somewhat worse for others. The main factor here is the location of the player, not the region in which he is registered or plays. Player connection pass through nodes in various regions and some of those nodes are problematic. For example, the main problems in Germany are two main nodes through which the connection to our servers is made: One is located in the Frankfurt area, the other in Amsterdam. We have had some suggestions from players. For instance many players suggested a separate server in their particular country or region. That would hardly bring anything, since even after starting such a server it would still be passing through the problem nodes. In addition, that region would also be cut off from the rest of the regions, thus it would not have access to global records or the ability to join other region’s tournaments. Another suggestion was that we should extend the logs with buffers. We have already done that with RTCP. Among other things, this protocol controls bandwidth and buffering to provide a stable connection. Right now, we're creating an improved analysis tool that integrates directly into the game, so we get better data and do not have to constantly log it. RTCP will be revised and improved in parallel to get even more stable connections. Furthermore, we test various other possible solutions which are partly software and partly hardware based. As we have further developments we will keep you posted. Many Thanks and Tight Lines RF4 Team
  5. Please Send an email to support@rf4game.com with your in game name and a copy of the transaction as well as if you play on steam or launcher, also if you made the purchase from steam or website Thank you
  6. Today, 08/02/2019 at 7:30PM EST, the game servers will be restarted. The approximate restart time is 1 hour.
  7. Server Restart. Friends! We know about disconnects of players from the European and American continents. We are looking for solutions to this problem. In regard to this, tomorrow, July 30, at 02:30 Est 08:30 CEST, the server will be restarted and the client will be updated. Approximate work time is 2 hours.
  8. Sorry for the delay as to the two extra patches today there were some issues found and corrected with the first patch. Thank you RF4 Team
  9. jhendrix61978

    Summer Sale!

    Summer sale: 40% discount on gold, 25% discount on premium. From 8pm est July 3rd till 8pm est July 14th.
  10. July 02, at 01-00 EST, the server will be restarted. Approximate time of work is 1 hour.
  11. Well if you read what was ask of you, you would have seen that you were asked to preform the steps and provide information this you have not done so how do you expect us to help you if you cannot help us help you The problem is not server side 99% of the problem is somewhere in between your computer and our server not the server itself.
  12. Dear friends! In the previous update of the game, we increased the sensitivity of the Test Weight overrun indicator of rods. The purpose of this change was to warn the player in advance about the increased wear and, as a result, the threat of damage to the gear. Pre-patch the indicator was triggered when the test was exceeded by 50%, then in the last update, we lowered the response threshold to 10%. To help players accurately calculate the total mass of the float equipment, we have now implemented the display of the following additional parameters: -The mass of the float -The mass of the split-shot /sinker used to secure the float. The weight of the automatically set split-shot sinker that is used, is calculated based on the values of the load of the installed float, the weight of the hook in the water and the baits. Examples of calculating the total weight of equipment and calculating the weight of an automatically installed sinker will be given in the “Assembling Gear” section of the User Guide. Description of the update: - For floats, the display of the “Mass” parameter is implemented. - For hooks and baits, the “Weight in water” parameter has been implemented. - The slot “Sinker” was added to the float accessories, the slot is filled automatically. The weight of the sinker is selected based on the values of the load of the installed float, the weight of the hook in the water and the baits. - The minimum mass of the automatically installed sinker is reduced to 0.25 grams. - The weight of bleak sold in shops has been reduced to 40 grams. It is now possible to make live bait from a bleak weighing from 40 to 70 grams. - Instead of the Ping indicator, we have implemented a connection status indicator. - Fixed- In certain cases, there was a game logic error that led to increased “fish got away” messages. - Fixed- Some elements of the user interface had an incorrect size or location. - Fixed- After the end of a thunderstorm sounds of thunder and flashes of lightning continued to be produced. Thank you RF4 Team
  13. Tomorrow, June 15 at 01:00 am EST, the server will be restarted and the client will be updated. Approximate time of work is 1 hour.
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