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  1. Ok im broke i was away form game and returning player are u in a channel im on old berg lake til i get money to leave
  2. i see the lure Balsa minnow 75 listed as whats working in the bodies of water im fishing but i dont see for sale was it a limited addtion item?
  3. You was right catfish pain in ass to catch i wasnt trying to catch him i was trolling and hooked it took long time to bring in but my 1st catfish in game
  4. After my friend Pizzaforeveryone gave me some tips i landed this tonight my Biggest catch so far extremely happy
  5. There is a extremely good chance that im going at it wrong i have 1 rod thats set up for there I been watching videos and such trying to get good idea but idk This post was more or less asking what others might been doing to give me a different perspective as im certain im doing something wrong.
  6. i recently hit lvl 20 i been saving up for good reel for kuori lake Im extremely happy with the choice i made after speaking to pizza4everyone. However the xp and cash on this lake isnt what i hoped for at all. Of the lakes available to me ive spent alot of time on all the lower water bodies. ive not tried the lvl 20 lake YET. bUT so far it feels like beyla lake is by far the best Xp and cash lake i have open to me atm? DOes any1 have anything to help direct me or tell me im wrong? I know u can go to mosquito lake and fill orders and catch a lot of fish but the xp from that area is trash. Anything is helpful as Beyla lake is hard to keep track of lure color and retreive spds i know in real life fishing things change alot so im not gripping about this im only asking is there a type of fish or area of fishing where decent xp/cash is open to me? Thanks in advance Beaux
  7. So i been trying to learn the game make bette choices and this is my reward after watching utube and talking to fellow anglers i got up on the board
  8. SO i switched gears and wanna go for smaller fish less wear and tear and seems like they are always needed at cafee like ruffle bleak dace atm im using tiny hook 24 is this right?
  9. o lol nvm then guys i just got home from work wanted to play
  10. When i try to log into the game i get the message idk what to do
  11. i fount the taimen for ever but landed him and some others with this set up
  12. Ive not been for walleye or sauger to my knowledge they dont have them here in texas. I got family lives up there mostly in ripley and mason tenn when i visit we normally head up to Fort Loudoun Lake to fish
  13. I love them i usually take fillets then bread them you can also make catfish nuggets kinda like a chicken nugget but with fish i perfer 3lbs to 10lbs to eat on blues the channel and bullheads i dont eat often well bullheads i never eat
  14. Well a catfish if it fins you you have a chance to catch a fever and infection that can become bad if not treated. No matter if its bullhead/blues or channels. They do have glove you can buy at local tackle shop that prevent the fish from being bale to cut your hand though. I been meaning to pick up a pair but by time i rember its usually after i haul in a few lol
  15. some times yes they bark at you and well tbh i been finned so many times in my life it hurts no less i grab however works without me being stabbed. I save up fish for while then fry them up. I mostly bottom fish esp during winter around here thats when you can get then monster cats. I love all fish though some for sport others for eating, Normally in the fall I fly up to OR and do the salmon run at an uncles nothing like brook trout or steelhead. during this pandemic ive had time to work on my fly fishing some and get better at it.
  16. BayouBeaux

    Hello all

    So i picked up this game after seeing an old Hawkeye video. Like many of u i cant go out fishing due to c19 lockdowns and such but i love this game but outside of game im also a fisherman feel free shoot me msg
  17. anyone know where to fish for catfish at?
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