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  1. Akhtuba River - Caspian Roach Coords: 47:100 (bottom of C5) Clip: 10m Depth: 1m Good luck!
  2. Hey, For Jerkbait rig you need a jerkbait rod and that's why you cannot select it, and for sbirolino you need 100% which means you need to get your skill up to 90% and it will unlock the Sbirolino rig when you're using the Ultima rod.
  3. Location: Lower Tunguska River, 106:101, E6 Additional info: Reel speed 50 + shift, click and then let go so you get walk the dog, cast towards left
  4. Location: Lower Tunguska River, trolling the 7.5m hole
  5. Lower Tunguska River 142:161, F4 Handmade spinnerbait #1 004 Yoman2822
  6. Let's start... Lower Tunguska River 114:115, E6 Handmade spinnerbait #1 004 Yoman2822
  7. Location: 160:132, no clip, max cast towards rocks, important to get Walk The Dog Good luck
  8. Location: 161:133, G5, no clip, max cast towards waterfall, first fish of the day Good luck
  9. Location: 160:132, you can cast cast towards, to the left or to the right of small rocks on the picture, great spot if you want to close East Siberian Grayling as well as some other species Good luck!
  10. Location: 161:133, G5, no clip, max cast towards waterfall (spot where trophy was caught) 160:132, also a good spot, cast towards small rocks on the picture Everything else on pictures, good luck
  11. Hello guys, you can catch the gifts here at this spot too. Just got my last premium bag here, some other bags also came out of this spot. Good luck
  12. I'm pretty sure you can activate it whenever you want.
  13. Yeah everybody has that same problem, I see it in videos and streams, fish are all weird, especially the smaller ones, not only fish, small hooks for example too, to fix it you have to re-enter the game but the problem shows up again after some time playing. RTX 2060 here.
  14. Hello, I'm currently not home so I cannot provide any new pictures yet but here are some from my post back in July, same topic but I did not mention Barbel but Taimen instead, looks like it got fixed with Taimen now it's all good. Here is an example of Bighead carp. You can see that the preview model looks bigger, fatter and older and when you open it, the fish looks young. Same goes for Barbel species.
  15. I've noticed some fish like Bighead carp and barbels look bigger and fatter as a trophy specimen on the image preview tab, but once you click on it and it opens the trophy model it looks younger and more skinny, just a minor nuisance that I'd love if it would get sorted. Thanks.
  16. As far as I know, usually bottom.
  17. Yoman2822


    More info? Bait, spot, hook size etc.
  18. Nice fish but what bait, spot etc more info please? Thanks.
  19. Same setup as above
  20. 71:100, Feeder, Red worm, Hook Large 2
  21. 116:118, Redworm, totally unexpected
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