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  1. What are all types of lake bed (clay, shell...) in the game?
  2. Nice Pindo! I'll try catch some sturgeon. Thanks for sharing the spot and the bait is always helpful!
  3. I agree with you. I think it should not totally fail, but give some pieces of fish ( less than 9 pieces, in this case). Anyway, we could put this idea in the suggestion topic.
  4. Water Mill (Sura River). Sichel currently eat baits: 1.Mayfly, 2.Cockchafer, 3.Stonefly Larvae, 4. Mayfly Larvae. I use hook size: 8 -4. The flourocarbon lines have had better results.
  5. My recipe is base: semolina, add: chopped worm, maggot, atrac: fish oil.
  6. I'm so lucky! 2h40 minutes on Land!
  7. DiamanteBrazil


    Diced potatoes are very nice to fish mirror, leather, grass and common carp on Bear Lake.
  8. Yeah, me too. Hook - #6, #4, #2 bait: diced cheese
  9. For Carps use potatoes, honey dough and cottage cheese dough and boilies flavors Honey 20, Halibut 20, Esterberry 20, Cream mango 20, White Chocolate 25. Temperature ideal for carps on Bear Lake 15ºC - 20ºC. Best Spot 46:60.
  10. DiamanteBrazil


    Yeah, I agreed with you. I changed my hook size and my fished has improved. Try use for bream, ide, barbel hook size medium 10,6,8 and for carps 4.2,1/0.
  11. I am using these hooks for these species on my feeders rods. What are you guys using? Any suggestion? Medium hooks (nº 10, 8, 6): Breams, Ide, Tench, Barbel Large hooks( nº 4,2,1): Carps, Burbot, Catfish.
  12. Hello, I have seen that fish activity has greatly decreased since the last patch. Is this expected or is there a bug?
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