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  1. beau76


    Hi all I do not understand this on a lp real 419 m of line but the circle not full in game tried other line got 125 m circle is full here a images thanks for any help Beau
  2. beau76

    Skill tree discussions

    HI @Levo would adding points help? thanks beau
  3. beau76

    Skill tree discussions

    I am look for ideas I can not get over 69.3 try scoop and digging in happy hour got 0.1
  4. beau76


    what hook size is good?
  5. beau76

    Float Fishing Q&A

    Hi, I am level 22 I have been using redstick for a long time i am stuck at 63.9% I am using sliding rig i tried all hook size I not get no points even in happy hour what can i do?
  6. beau76


    Hi all I am using the ul rod you get at the cottage pond what spoons wold be god to start with?
  7. beau76

    Feeder Fishing Q&A

    hi all what are the most used rigs in feeder fishing?
  8. beau76

    Player created content

    Hi all, does anyone have a spreadsheet wit gear prices
  9. beau76

    Farming silver

    @bart86pl What was your setup at Volkhov for bream? thanks beau
  10. beau76

    Farming silver

    Hi All I am at level 20 I am looking for tips to make silver my current gear is a fd420 and a red stick thanks for any tips
  11. beau76

    Live and Baitfish

    hi all, i have opened fogs an live bait in skill tree what do i need to use frogs on feeder and float?
  12. beau76


    what depth do Gudgeon like ?
  13. beau76

    Spin Bait Casting Q&A

    I may not have been clear i was talking about the one you get with a new account not the one at the pond
  14. beau76

    Spin Bait Casting Q&A

    Hi I have a question I known if you start a new account you get a light spinning setup why not give one to everyone ? i known about the old one at cottage pond
  15. beau76

    Campfire stories

    Hi Shamon Is there an update for the new map
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