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  1. beau76


    what hook size is good?
  2. beau76

    Float Fishing Q&A

    Hi, I am level 22 I have been using redstick for a long time i am stuck at 63.9% I am using sliding rig i tried all hook size I not get no points even in happy hour what can i do?
  3. beau76

    Technical Issues

    @Elwoodiath2 It been run like that I even deleted the file still not working
  4. beau76

    Technical Issues

    Hi if I open any window in game i get the help box every time how can i stop this
  5. beau76


    Hi all I am using the ul rod you get at the cottage pond what spoons wold be god to start with?
  6. beau76

    Report a Bug

    @Elwoodiath2 looks like i i click gear before i log in make changes its ok but not any changes after i log in
  7. beau76

    Report a Bug

    @Elwoodiath2 here is any update i went to lake 2 made it called bream mix 2 it worked as it should but now it like settings are not saving i have to turn music down every time
  8. beau76

    Report a Bug

    @Elwoodiath2 i removed 110 got the one that i mad last night called test but did not get any named bream mix 2
  9. beau76

    Report a Bug

    @Elwoodiath2 that did not fix it in may backpack it is 8 across an 18 down
  10. beau76

    Report a Bug

    @Elwoodiath2 it did it yesterday and today i on the rf4 launcher could i have to much ground bait in my backpack is there any thing i can do my end
  11. beau76

    Report a Bug

    @Elwoodiath2 I was at volkhov lake by takle store 1 buy all items in store in order they are in image 2 say by store hit n click groundbait 3 enter name 4 select in same order as in image 5 make gives 0.2 look in backpack not there if i skip step 3 leave as ready made it works to get to level 30 I did a bunch with ground crackers call cr base that worked fine
  12. beau76

    Report a Bug

    I have found a bug with ground bait If i make bream ground and add add peas if i name the mix it does not show in my backpack if i do not name it it goes in backpack is there a limit to number of ground bait i backpack
  13. beau76

    Feeder Fishing Q&A

    hi all what are the most used rigs in feeder fishing?
  14. beau76

    Player created content

    Hi all, does anyone have a spreadsheet wit gear prices
  15. beau76

    Levo's Guide: Setup Suggestions

    hi Levo, what float would you use on M140MH ?
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