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  1. petaks01

    Explaining the New Repair System

    Agree with the previous poster, there has been a lot of hopefully unintentional misinformation in posts and patchnotes. Much of it can probably be fixed pretty easily by a proofreading session done by the different people involved in the "fix". Sometimes it appears to be just a simple lack of internal communications or forgetting that the obvious things for the devs that was left out of the text can be unknown for the player reading the text. Even the smallest changes should be mentioned and not left out so we need to ask about them. I prefer reading a long patchnote instead of finding out stuff discovered during gameplay and need to hunt down often wrong info about the issue from players that are guessing. It is too easy to make those guesses "the truth" even if they are completely wrong, in today's streaming world all it takes is 3 or 4 channels spreading the same "truth" and suddenly people are getting angry on the devs for making something that probably is solved by adding a single line of text in the patchnotes.
  2. petaks01

    Russian Sturgeon

    The leader is a result of me being lazy and not run to the store Was about to choose a suitable FC leader but decided to go with the one I had available that wouldn't reduce my max load on the rig. Thinner leader would in this case have resulted in failure to land the fish as I should have been very close to or even over its breakingpoint.
  3. petaks01

    Russian Sturgeon

    Crazy day, ended yesterday with a Trophy Sterlet and was hoping for some decent sized ones tonight. Got bites all evening but not the good ones until this beast decided to show up... Second screen is the gear used to land it after approx 2-2.5 hours of fight and a whole lot of coffee thermoses. Tight lines!
  4. petaks01

    Campfire stories

    Let me answer a part of your post before it gets moved to the right area. As a "suported by RF4" streamer I can only answer for my own actions and how it works for me. Some of us that have content that suits RF4's plans and can contribute to the exposure of the product somehow gets after application and consideration from RF4's side an opportunity to add some extra to their streams like Giveaway items and for some even hosting the big Gold competitions. The gear I was sent was meant for Giveaways and Contest prizes, I have never used them for fishing and grind just as hard as the rest of the world to buy/repair my gear and baits. The only benefit I personally get from this is the added value to the stream with more viewers during the sponsored events which in turn generates more new players in the end. At the moment RF4 is working hard to get the name out so the Steam release will generate new players, as a streamer I can and will continue to promote their product simply because I feel that it is a good product and I want it to be a success for the RF4 team. No in game items or money is gained by this, it only creates more work to organize the events. I even pay for my Premium so I can send the winners their items.
  5. petaks01

    Streams and Vids

    Fairly new to the streaming thing on Twitch but do at least 6 days a week with a enjoyable mix of relaxed fishing, hunting and some adventure/action games on weekends. Used to do mainly racing but switched to these games as viewer count was too low to compete with the sponsored channels doing the same game. Start of weekday stream is 18.00 CET and on weekends I begin at 09.00 CET, jump in and eat your breakfast while watching me fail. English and Swedish spoken in channel. twitch.tv/petaks01 Yes, I know that the screenshot is from FP but I didn't have RF4 installed when I made the image.
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