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  1. madboi


    53:86 redworm clip 11 aim between red and blue buildings
  2. seems like theres no perch groundbait recipe in the megasheet
  3. madboi


    53:86 clip 11 redworm aim between red and blue buildings. my first time being in weekly world record and i'm defo taxidermy this one
  4. madboi


    53:86 worm as bait clip 11 aim between the buildings. this thing is tough as nails
  5. whats the best perch groundbait?
  6. madboi


    53:86 worm as bait mosquito lake
  7. theres seems to be 2 kind of recipe which one is better or both is the same?
  8. i know i know i mean like a spreadsheet of groundbait recipes for every fish
  9. in the rf 4 guide it said that the groundbait recipes is not ideal. whats the best recipe for all species of fish?
  10. is there any spot for catching ruffe? and what bait should i use?
  11. madboi


    53:86 aim towards blue and red building at mosquito lake with 11 m clip and maggot as bait
  12. ah i see so set it to 10-15 then if the fish are strong set it higher
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