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  1. mqg


    @blute2 Sucks man
  2. mqg

    Lake Ladoga

    @Goregrinder just buy 2 tickets everytime you go out. Or write a friend and have them send one. We have all made that mistake, and you will never do it again
  3. mqg

    Lake Ladoga

    @Goregrinder if you have a new ticket, it will use it. But if you dont have one, u will get teleported.
  4. mqg

    Live and Baitfish

    @krokenosterfant2 HAHA well i have gotten a 23kg on 13.8kg leader, so its possible with the small ones. But it seems like you hooked a BIIG one Im glad i could help
  5. mqg

    Live and Baitfish

    @krokenosterfant2 Perch has been very good for big burbots, big chars and even baltic sturgeons for me. Chars and burbots both on kouri and ladoga. I can reccomend using the magnetic hooks in a size 2 or 4 to catch the smaller fish in ladoga (chars and whitefish) Gudgeon and bleek are very good for chars in general, and bleak has given me a few trophy zanders lately and a nice 23kg baltic sturgeon also. The prefered bait changes all the time, so just keep experimenting
  6. mqg

    Live and Baitfish

    @Slatkus first of all, stop being ...! Second, what elwood is saying is true. The higher the test of you rod, the heavier the sinker u can use. To answer your question, even if i put a 140gram sinker on a 30 gram gudgeon, the fish will still move a little. So the only reason i will use a heavier sinker, is for casting distance.
  7. mqg

    Sura River

    Dont buy rhinos m8.. if u dont have enough skill and good enough groundbait, the rhinos are a waste of money. To contrast you experience with rhinos, i made 3000 silver in 3½ hours of playing in sura yesterday. So use other baits, that arent that expensive, and as Tenzen says: Learn how to fish your spot before you use expensive baits you dont want to loose. if u want consistantly big fish on ur "gold" bait, then play one of the other fishing games!
  8. mqg

    Farming silver

    @beau76 invest in a spinning rod. as both kouri and volkhov are very spinning heavy. If u like feeder fishing more, i would invest in 3 feeder rods and fish carps in bear lake. check forums for bait and groundbait, but atm sweetcorn and cream mango boilies are doing really well
  9. mqg


    I gotta say, i was a bit surprised by this aswell. The jerkbait and especially the change to rocket feeder, does in my opinion warrant a reset. I understand u dont wanna throw resets out there all the time, but with such big changes, we need to be able to adjust to them. Especially seeing that i need to make 13 million xp to get more points. I know most highlevel players have carprod points, but seeing a spud rods are very usable with float fishing, its a little rough if u have banked on feeders and matchrods, instead of carp rods.
  10. mqg

    Spinning Reels

    Rofl @Levo
  11. mqg


    Just to put my two cents in to this. Im actually cool with the cooking skilltree, as long as all the other problems and issues are looked at aswell. The cooking tree can give the no-lifers something to do, i can give people more immersion and if done right i could be a nice thing to grind. If the food works better than the normal food u buy. So a nice gudgeon soup will give more comfort, id be ok with that. Or eating ur caviar with a glas of champagne will keep ur mood and energy so high that fishing big fish will be a bit easier. ill say Bring it!! But, we are closing in on 9 months without a progression lake. And what is in my opinion a horribly launched "mid-level" (low level) lake. Where the fun fish are as rare to catch as a golden tench and the rest of the catches in Belaya are very underwhelming for higherlevel players. So the agression and unhappyness from the people in this thread are understandable. I took a break, i stopped streaming the game, so i didnt get frustrated by catching nothing for hours.. because i literally had weeks where i caught 75 silver an hour. And now im catching a bit again, and im having fun with my team. I must say, at the moment the official competitions are ruined for me. Most of the time, they seem to either have been made up on the spot or the streamers creating them, dont have any comprehension of how fishing works. Also it seems that some of the "highlevel" competitions gets put on low level lakes to cater to the viewers of that particular streamer. I have made my feelings about this clear to both Levo and Gene, and i hope they will do something to correct it. unluckily im stuck in a timezone (CET) where most comps are low level or mid level. so when im able to join a comp, i get quite pissed when its burbot for the 5th time in a row. Or breams in old burg. I feel that this could be one of the reasons why the numbers on twitch are falling, there arent any entertainment. I was watching earlier today, and all english streamers was sitting catching breams, no one pushing big fish. Just breams. SO to get back to the topic. I understand the unhappyness. I dont mind more content. And cooking can be really shit or it can be good. But if the main content of the game: THE FISHING isnt getting better, it really dosent matter what nice features we get on the side. /MQ
  12. mqg

    White Bream

    Normal bream spots, just use whitebream mix, and use bloodworm, maggots or redworm. Even garlic dough seems good for these.
  13. mqg


    It depends on the fish ur trying to catch. at the moment i really like the blue veikko for cloudy weather in volkhov and sura for asp. Hunter 002 seems to work for almost all fish, so thats a good lure to have. Also hunter number 011 or 012 can do good. Same as hunter 001 and 003. In general Hunters do good, but i really like the veikkos, but seeing as im fishing with ultra light setup these days, the hunters are the only spoons i can use.
  14. mqg

    Sura River

    nice fish @Pindobinha
  15. mqg

    Competition Announcements

    Bear lake for black carp
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