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  1. Not a real bug, but thought it'll be easy to correct the spelling? Billie? Should it be Boilie?
  2. Colt45UK


    Not a real bug, but thought it'll be easy to correct the spelling? Falvor? - Should it be Flavor?
  3. I can confirm this, I've turned on Fast Sync and now, I getting the same blank screen as you. Revert back to the original setting and it'll works.
  4. All my mouse have a grooved scroll wheel!
  5. Before you say my mouse is faulty, but it's not. Very often, when I turn my wheel up or down (click once) - it'll increase or decrease by one. Very rarely, wheel click one but for some reason, the mouse does double and cause it to increase/decrease double rather than single. So imagine this, fighting for a nice size fish with a drag at 28, but want to go up once more, you scroll wheel up one and boom, it goes to the max and line got snapped. It's a big let down by a mouse - it's not the game fault but it does happen not only my mouse Logitech G903 as well it's happening on my Logitech MX Master 2S also Razer Basilisk. - I've spoke to some of the streamers, they're experiencing the same issues so I'm not the only one. My suggestion for RF4 would be nice if it only allow users to increase/decrease between 1 and 29 but if anyone want to set it to the MAX, they must hold down SHIFT and wheel UP in order for it to work. What you think? (Sorry my english grammer isn't my thing but hope you understand what I'm saying) Tight lines
  6. Colt45UK


    Oh right, I guess it's only a public and private chat that has been disabled then cos when I send private message, I see red text assuming that it has failed to send through. I'll try next time I'm on, thanks.
  7. Colt45UK


    I'm totally cool with chat being disabled but what that has to do with disabling the transfer items to another player that I wish to help. Should RF4 freezes everyone's VIP and then resume when things get back to normal or our VIP is worthless now?
  8. That's odd, never knew there's a black friday as I've asked my friend to look out for any discount but hasn't told me about it. I guess we have missed it
  9. Isn't that normal? There's an achievement for that : Don't mess with the scuba divers! (Fall into the water.) This probably why took you back into town?
  10. Sorry meant to quote that to gunkevie
  11. Maybe buy any cheap QWERTY mini keyboard on the side just for RF4?
  12. Just like in real life, sometimes you don't get anything much or very little. You need to be part of the community and do some research.. I'm feeling the same as you - not getting much silvers even I'm on premium. - I've 780+ hours and I'm level 27 (soon 28). I still fish and moan from time to time and that's normal. Yes, I agree the silver pay out can be too low but it's just the way how RF4 does.
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