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  1. Sorry meant to quote that to gunkevie
  2. Maybe buy any cheap QWERTY mini keyboard on the side just for RF4?
  3. Just like in real life, sometimes you don't get anything much or very little. You need to be part of the community and do some research.. I'm feeling the same as you - not getting much silvers even I'm on premium. - I've 780+ hours and I'm level 27 (soon 28). I still fish and moan from time to time and that's normal. Yes, I agree the silver pay out can be too low but it's just the way how RF4 does.
  4. I've tried that a week ago and that didn't help based on this post. But I've noticed that bug when using the wrong setup? - I can't remember exact setup but after changing the line, the issues has resolved! - Definately something that need to look at
  5. I was taugh to read and research before posting or asking questions. I've looked, seems I can't find some answers so I'm asking here. From time to time, when I search something on the forum, and tried to visit the link, 30% of the time, I get this "You do not have permission to view this content." I have premium, I am not sure what sort of requirement I need to be able to view those pages, etc... I've reported it like 2 or 3 times but no responses, so I thought I'd post here and hope for some answer or 2. Thanks Colt
  6. Just keep restart the game few times and it'll kick in just fine which I've just done just now
  7. That'll be awesome and ripples on water too from the rain. Heavy rain = heavier ripple but light rain = less ripple. Also, wind ripple too - stronger the wind, the more waves/spray like (like tropical storm but small as it's only a lake/river?). Perhaps a little too advance on graphic but the game itself so far are already too realistic but little extra won't harm? 20% CPU (3900X) / 100% GPU (max settings on RTX 2080TI) Does this game support DLSS? RTX?
  8. Or perhaps a marketplace where you can sell/buy used items to make bit of money?
  9. Mobile App installed and it looks amazing!
  10. That application is PERFECT - Just how I like it Thanks
  11. I'm currently working but will sure check that out
  12. Does the same as -popupwindow I guess there's no other option but will noticed some pixels from desktop icons on the edge all around and my taskbar on the bottom but thanks.
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