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  1. What you have circled in red is perfectly normal. It's actually how people fish in real life. You pack the groundbait into the method feeder, then stuff the hook into the ball of gb on your method feeder.
  2. I get your point, but there is equipment in the game meant for bigger fish. And I assume you're talking about carp when you're talking about reeling in taking forever. When there is a very big carp on the end of your line, you have to take advantage of the physics. The reel alone usually won't be able to crank it in, you will see it slowly clicking even though the fish is dead weight. You have to pull the fish with your rod and reel in the slack. Repeatedly pull the rod back then reel in the slack and it will come in eventually. If you only rely on the reel to bring in the fish, then it will take 2-3x longer to bring the fish in. Once you can upgrade to a more powerful, lower gear ratio reel, you will notice the difference.
  3. Definitely check out the staff guides, very helpful & has important concepts. For regular bream, it depends on what your making groundbait level is. High quality GB will always work better. Try something simple like this: Pearl Barley - maggots - chopped worm - millet porridge - Anise Oil You could even use Oat Flakes instead of Pearl Barley.
  4. Yeah, braid leaders that I make for carp fishing are usually 40-60cm. I'm still able to make multiple leaders with the small spool. With that said, if i need fluorocarbon leaders, i'll buy the smallest spool (which is still expensive) and then you have TONS of leaders, hours and hours and hours of fishing worth.
  5. It is frustrating initially, but in general the fish move from 1 spot to another. It's pretty easy to track them down. You already know what baits/colors work for the map you're fishing, just use what works in a different spot and you'll eventually start catching them again
  6. I found that maximizing your auto-hooking will prevent the endless nibbles. This means using the appropriate hooks and shortening your leader will help the fish hook themselves. Also, especially when carp fishing, the use of certain sinkers can help with your auto hooking.
  7. If your gear is not that strong, I recommend bottom fishing for char, bream, and burbot. You can get really good EXP and money from bottom fishing for char. Use a fluorocarbon leader; no bigger than 7 or 8 kgs, a small hook; maybe a size #12, and mayfly larva as the bait. At night is when you should fish for burbot. They live in deeper parts of the lake. Burbot like live bait, worms, and fishy things. So pieces of fish, nightcrawlers, frogs, and live bait are all good. I would recommend a fluorocarbon leader between 10-15 kgs, and a large hook #4 - #1. A basic GB that might help with Burbot fishing is something like this: feed - bloodworms - chopped worm - biscuit - fish oil I also think you should check out rf4spots.com it is a great resource for finding spots to fish as well as what people are using to catch them.
  8. In my experience with using spod for GB (which deploys 10 portions), about 20-30 portions is too much GB in less than 24 HRs. You see a dramatically low bite rate (almost as if it is been overfished) if you feed too much GB. Hope this helps.
  9. Multiple factors here: 1.) Line Tension - if you have a slack line (no tension) this can cause the fish to come loose. 2.) Quality of Hooks - The higher quality hooks you have (the # of stars seen in the store) the less chance of a fish getting away during a long fight. 3.) Bad Luck - in some cases, the fish just comes loose. With that said, I have caught thousands of fish and less than 1% of them have gotten away.
  10. IF you're only focused on efficient progression, then it's a good idea to have some spinning gear & bottom fishing gear. Float is less efficient. In the end, you have the ability to use whatever method you find the most fun! Just keep in mind that certain water bodies are better for certain fishing methods. Example: Kuori is a fantastic spin fishing lake! You can find mild success bottom fishing, but primarily it is for spin fishing. (A good angler will use multiple fishing methods in a day to keep the silver flowing). Spin fishing during the day, and bottom fishing at night will make sure you are always catching fish. However, places like Bear Lake are different, but the same concept applies. You can fish with a match rod (heavy float rod) during the day for carp, but then you might have more success at the bottom at night. Or you could just bottom fish for carp day AND night. Make sure you are aware of what species are active ONLY during the day and ONLY during the night. Take advantage of your time and target whatever species are most active. Just like in real life, fish have physical differences. Pike are very strong compared to their actual weight, they fight very hard. Carp however, do not fight hard (with the exception of grass carp xD) and they are mostly dead weight you have to pull in. A 10KG pike will fight significantly harder than a 10kg Carp. I hope this information helped!
  11. Hi, I think lures under the "huge" category should be more effective in attracting big fish, ESPECIALLY while trolling. I would be happy using "huge" lures knowing I am able to catch something, even if it is at a lower bite rate. As of right now "huge" lures are useless, the bite rate is way too low to consider using for trophy hunting. "Medium" sized lures attract a large quantity of fish as well as trophy fish. This makes them better for trophy hunting AND farming large quantities of fish.
  12. I agree, it is very hard to catch a trophy fish using spinning techniques.
  13. This would be great! I always have the map open when trolling, so having the mini map attached to the compass would be nice.
  14. I see this thread is still getting responses. I have a few important questions for you. 1.) Does does groundbait affect attraction while spin fishing? 2.) What effect does crushed/whole boilies have in groundbait?
  15. In my experience, a large 1 hook with cottage cheese dough will get you crucians at or around 1kg. I also caught my only trophy on this setup.
  16. Nawrly17


    Post-update I have caught a 3.6kg char on a medium 8 hook with mayfly larvae from the camp.
  17. I caught a value sized one (green flag) near that same stretch of water. Definitely go there. I caught mine on a Size 10 hook and a worm on a feeder rod. Check the weekly records to confirm.
  18. A size #1 hook with corn nets me 6-10kg grass carp consistently. The cabbage leaf also works, it depends on what they're in the mood for.
  19. What size hook did you use for this guy?
  20. For these guys I recommend using a #6 hook. You will catch an endless stream of them if you are using the right bait, (along with some trophy silver bream as well).
  21. Any tips for catching grass carp such as bait / hook size? I'd prefer searching for the fishing locations by myself.
  22. I've caught this fish 3 times, all of them on worms and a 1/0 hook believe it or not.
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