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  1. Just happened to me today. here is a screenshot
  2. Nawrly17

    Lures Q&A

    I'm looking for someone who can craft high quality wobblers. I will buy mats. IGN Nawrly17 Shoot me a message if you're able to craft high quality wobblers, I'd really like to try some out!
  3. I have a question that I think would help lots of players. Is there a way to tell what foods/flavors fish are attracted to? And would the game benefit from an in-game glossary of known attractants/baits that fish bite on? For example: Tench: Likes - Cheese, corn flour, Worms, Algae etc. Dislikes - (whatever might repel the fish or show no attraction whatsoever) This gives room for the players to create their own groundbait / bait recipes while giving them direction to target certain species.
  4. I see this thread is still getting responses. I have a few important questions for you. 1.) Does does groundbait affect attraction while spin fishing? 2.) What effect does crushed/whole boilies have in groundbait?
  5. Just an update to this, I posted to discord a trophy Zander i caught with more details on the setup!
  6. Leveling from 80 - 100% I always used the cheapest base mixture available (and only the base mixture) Always discard (backspace) Drink 2/2 portions of general's brandy every 15 minutes All done within one happy hour; barely got done within an hour while working fast. Cost me ~1300 silver Drinking alcohol helps level your skills up faster. There is a significant difference seen in skill gains when drinking alcohol vs. not having the effect of it. It matters a LOT! Drink some alcohol if you find yourself crafting but not receiving any % a few times in a row.
  7. That sounds right, I used Halibut 20 boilies trying for wild carp and ended up catching a 15kg russian sturgeon.
  8. This, even on a normal jigging rig I have a lot of success catching good sized Zander with the occasional burbot and char. I make sure to use a 9.7kg fluoro leader to have a better shot at hooking char, very slow retrieve on the bottom, 22 speed on a gold 80s.
  9. I did not forget about this, only had 1 hour to play last night, weather was 17* at volkhov (which is extremely hot) so I didn't even bother fishing, let alone on topwater. It was abysmal, only caught 2 1kg asp and 2 beefy Chub, 1 small pike. ( from 2:00am - 10:00am). Topwater skill was also at 1/3, but i will try again with better weather.
  10. The big asp like to bite in the morning. Since the restart, the 6.5m hole seems to be really good for asp, i caught a 5kg, and a 4.4kg on a sunny day with s11 wobblers. Catching those 2 asp saved my day, putting me at 110s for the day (i was trying another spot from before the restart and i was getting small asp). I also want to mention that I stopped playing @ mid-day, to go to bed, so I very well would've been over 110s on the day if i played the whole hour. I am at work right now, so I had to snag someone else's picture of the map, but I highlighted the area in pink. I was using a 13.8kg fluoro leader, and I did not catch any pike but that's definitely a reason to try a thinner mono if you dont want to risk losing lures (11.5kg mono). I know topwater is the best method to catch asp, so I plan on trying that for a day or two and I will post the results later. (Orig Walker 002 --> walk the dog)
  11. I honestly tried ladoga for 3 hours yesterday. The most I got out of it was 2 trophy roach, a 3kg lake trout. I did get a big fish on my UL setup, but for some reason all the fish are getting away lately. The burbot were O.K. #6 jig, Lynn's twister, the purple one @ finger stones. I moved all around, I tried going for pike at the 6m pond area. I tried all along the cliffside, by the lighthouse/bridge. Fingerstones. No luck :/ I used mayfly larva with loop rig the whole time for my bait rods. I tried different sized hooks, size 12 got me some ladoga whitefish & trophy roach. I did not try trolling, and I did not go out on the boat to jig the 14m hole. Idk, I feel like ladoga needs a little buff, or some way to better tell where the fish are.
  12. Nawrly17


    I made some crude drawings of what sizes the boilies would be in real like, next to actual sizes of hooks. Some popular boilie sizes for leather/mirror carp IRL include 14mm & 18mm.... with that said, here is my personal recommendation based on what ACTUALLY fits on the hook. 10 - 12 mm - #6 14, 15, 16 mm - #5, #4, & #3 , respectively. 18 - 20 mm - #2 or #1 & #1/0 22mm & 24mm - #1/0 or #2/0 & #3/0 or #4/0 These are more or less the limits for the biggest hook you can put on a boilie before the hook doesnt hide itself anymore. Always remember, there's nothing stopping a big fish from grabbing a "small" hook, so you can have results using hooks smaller than what is listed. But whenever possible, try to downsize/upsize your boilie along with your hook.
  13. When the temperature is below 13 C* (Just look in the top right, don't worry about what temperature the forecast says) the spin fishing for grayling and brown trout is awesome. You get an occasional asp or pike depending on where you cast. I used a very cheap light setup. Rod was 2 - 10 g test, 4.5kg max weight; Reel was 4kg max drag; used 4.4kg fluorocarbon line. My spin fishing skill is around 65%, i used small spinners (pomor 3cm & akkila 4cm) & you pretty much catch a fish every cast. I would cast at either tip of the map, & next to the rocks. With premium & happy hour + the light exp bonus (50%) i would get around 5k+ experience for a 900g+ brown trout or a 1kg+ grayling. (For reference, a 5kg grass carp gives around the same amount of experience). The bigger graylings sell between 10 - 15s and from 1 hour of fishing i made 170s with no cafe orders. Belaya is a great place to fish with light gear and i definitely recommend it. You will make at LEAST 200s an hour if you have feeder rods out. I did strictly spinning and a tiny bit of afk'ing during my hour. You will catch much bigger fish on kuori, but you will always get one that can spool you & put up lengthy fights that are not worth it; unless you have a high level UL setup ( costs ~7000+ silver).
  14. Volkhov is giving me crazy money and experience, more than when the trophy Bream were around! Just think small....and big things will happens.
  15. Nawrly17


    On Old Burg i was absolutely hammering 6 - 15 kg common carp on the pineapple 14 on a size 4 hook. Bite after bite. I have also had some good grass carp (~9kg) bite on deep garlic 24 with a size 1 hook.
  16. In my experience, a large 1 hook with cottage cheese dough will get you crucians at or around 1kg. I also caught my only trophy on this setup.
  17. Nawrly17

    Kuori lake

    If i remember correctly, the fishing was absolutely abysmal earlier today (12am EST - ~6am EST). When the weather gets hot you just have to move onto a different lake with good weather conditions.
  18. Nawrly17

    Kuori lake

    Yeah that spot is really great. you can catch all the different types of char from this location.
  19. When using a telescopic rod, the casting distance is limited by the length of the rod. Try casting lightly until you know the limit of how far you can cast.
  20. I have been making good silver at kuori. As a general tip, if you are fishing your normal spots and the fish arent biting, try a new spot or a different fishing method to catch what IS biting. Some small fish is better than no fish at all!
  21. Nawrly17

    Kuori lake

    Honestly the fact that pike break off everything but steel leaders is why people are having issues. Trout and char bite the same lures as pike do, there has to be some sort of change.
  22. Nawrly17


    Post-update I have caught a 3.6kg char on a medium 8 hook with mayfly larvae from the camp.
  23. Nawrly17

    Kuori lake

    I'd like an answer from a moderator/admin to clear some things up. Can we get some guidelines to help us target fish? Like, what thickness of line is considered very visible to sensitive fish? Does line color matter? In what way does the fishing line you use directly affect biting. I ask this because I am at Kuori for the first time, never fished there before, and fishing does seem very very slow. I did catch 1 char however, and it was cool, but I can't get anything to bite! I'm using mono on my feeders. I'm trying medium/small and I tried large hooks as well. For spinning, I'm almost convinced that I'm doing something wrong. I tried braid with steel leader for pike. Nothing. Mono with fluorocarbon leader for trout/char, nothing. Any help to push us in the right direction so that people are not complaining would be welcome.
  24. I caught a value sized one (green flag) near that same stretch of water. Definitely go there. I caught mine on a Size 10 hook and a worm on a feeder rod. Check the weekly records to confirm.
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