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  1. 3BEP

    Kuori Lake

    volkov lures 4,5 gr working for now from island into 15m hole
  2. 3BEP

    Player created content

    https://rufish4.ru/maps all spots maps fishes detailed site, just turn on translate on o/
  3. 3BEP

    Campfire stories

    Hi guys.Is there any place on Kuori where is possible to farm frogs?
  4. 3BEP

    Lake Ladoga

    anybody know how to get frogs at Ladoga?i mean ace?
  5. 3BEP

    Volkhov River

    yes, but Volkov is moving a lot its not still as Ladoga.So should we count that too in migration effect, besides wind?
  6. 3BEP

    Wacky worms

    how to use this thingy to get jig step?
  7. 3BEP

    Campfire stories

    nice one enzo.wery nice one
  8. 3BEP

    Campfire stories

    another skull at sura(island)
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