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  1. hello everyone, Here I will be the one to share you my captures made on veracruz state here in México country, I'm fishing on a rivermouth of the Jamapa river and here you can find some of this species: 1.-(barred grunt since 200grs to 1kg), 2.- gaftopsail catfish (since 200grs to 2kgs), 3.- rabbitfish/fish-ballon (since 200grs to 4kgs), 4.- bluefish (since 500grs to 3kgs), I also fished, fought and landed a 5kgs stingray but I could not take a photo because the person who I asked for help broke my line, I also have saw feeding frenzy of big crevalle jacks and big snooks
  2. Hello everyone, I decided to look after a really big asp that break my PB of 10.5 kgs, I changed of lure (woobler) now I'm using the DP 8S-003 (the yellow one) and look and I have hooked some nice fish, a trophy sichel, a trophy zebra mussel, a big beloboritsa whitefish and a small one
  3. Hello everyone, I was still looking for my second trophy asp, now I was using a flouro leader of 13.4kgs and the wobblers DPS de yellow one, suddenly my reel started to spin really fast (image 1) I though it was again a big caspian brown trout but the fight felt different this time (image 2) and then I pulled the fish into the surface and my wish came true!! :D, it was a trophy asp (image 3) of 10kgs, didn't break my PB but I don't care I wanted this fish again and I got it, yeiihhhh!!!
  4. Crucian you said "match the size of the lure/hooks to the fish you are trying to target", if I´m targeting a trophy asp, which label and size of treble hook should I use?
  5. Crucian This means that if I increase the hook size of a lure I have more chances to hook a trophy fish?
  6. Is there a way to get trophy fish more often or get medium size fish to bite more with wobblers (lures) I have all my wobblers skill at full, my spinning skill si too at fulll, I use own made flouro leader, I use wobblers that have all stars, what else do I need? can someone answe my question please
  7. Jvan the fish used to have usual location? I didn't know that, for me if you hook a trophy fish trolling was lucky and also because the game give it to you
  8. Jvan I tryied your spot for a trophy asp, I used the same flouro leader (own made) and same lure and had not luck, is so elusive, I want another want so bad,
  9. Hello everyone I just discovered that the lure (wobbler) DPS 600S3 (the yellow one on the corner of the images) is very attractive for big caspian brown trout, I got 2 really bis ones, my new PB of 19 kgs and other one of 12 kgs on the same spot!!
  10. Hello everyone, even I already have a trophy asp I'm looking for another one so I continue trolling, testing lures and in one day I got 2 big caspian brown trouts (I though they were trophy asp) I'm sad cuz I can't find the trophy asp but still I got a 7.7kgs and a 8kg caspian brown trou and a 14kgs one
  11. filipefle23 whatdo you use for the beloribitsa whitefish? or do you use lure?
  12. hello everyone, I caught my biggesst catfish so far trolling, he weighted 28kgs, and then I hooked something really big and it was another PB, I broke my PB of 28 kgs with one of 29 kgs!!
  13. Hello everyone, I stop testing the jerkbaits cuz I need to grow in my tree skills of jerkrod and jerkbait lures, I went trolling and I got a big caspian brown trout of 10 kgs and also the other day a got a beluga sturgeon trolling a small one of 3 kgs
  14. Hello everyone, I continue testing the jerkbait lures and I got 2 good pikes, 3kgs one and a 4kgs one. I use this lure on speed 22 doing a continous reeling and each 2 spins I do a twich
  15. Hello everyone, now I can fish with a jerkrod and a rjerkbait lure and look for a good spot and got two good caughts, one trophy perch and one good size catfish of 24 kgs!! MY NEW PB!!
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