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  1. can someone tell me some spots just for bream and ide please, and if boilies still are good for them?
  2. @Crucian @Pindobinha please increase the fish bite rate in bottom fishing because before the patch I was getting from 30 to 50 fish in 3 hours now in 1 hour I get 5 fish and in 3 hours 10 is lame this fish bite rate, I HAVE TRYIED EVERYTHING, NEW SPOTS, NEW DIPS, NEW BAITS, NEW LEADERS, NEW HOOKS, NOTHING WORKS
  3. hello @Crucian @Pindobinha I'm fishing with the hair classic for medium size fish like IDES on Akhtuba, I have tryied different flouro leaders, different ammount of boilie bait like one, 2 boilies like freshwater kril 14 and halibut 14, one pellet and one boilie, different spots and bite rate seems to be very slow in one fishing day I fishing only 5 fish in total, slow bite rate is part of this new update? REALLY I HAVE TRYIED EVERYTHING AND FISH RATE IS NOT THE SAME AS BEFORE THE UPDATE!!! WHY'?
  4. @Elwoodiath2 this means I can use it with the pastorneg rig because I can't use it with that rig right now or boilies can only be use with the new rigs implemented?
  5. @Callaghan1 can you be more specific please, because I cannot use it with the pastorneg rig, now with which rigs I can use boilies?
  6. Boilies can now be used with Carp Rigs exclusively, this means I have to buy a car rod to use boilies bait now?
  7. why I cannot use freshwater krill as bait in my fedder rod with the pastorneg rig? the bait said tiny hook - extralarge hook allowed, I bought these 2 hook size and stiil can´t use it, why?
  8. please @Pindobinha @Elwoodiath2 help me
  9. hello @Pindobinha I have a problem or it can be a doubt, with these new changes I don´t know how to use again boillies baits in my fedder rod for bottom fishing with the pastorneg rig, can you tell me how can I use boillies bait again, the boillies bait said tiny hook (24) - extra large (4) hook allowed, I bought thse 2 hook size but still I can't equip freshwather krill 14, please help me
  10. Hello everyone, you can see the fishing spot on the first image, I have been fishing a lot in that spot and I got bighead carps of 15kgs, wild carps of of 11 kgs and trophy ides, caspian kutum with freshwater krill. @WallaceLara, @Ejdmmm, @BrianC My setup is pureflouro leader of 9.3kgs, medium size hook #6 and freshwater kirll14 as bait
  11. Hello everyone, thanks to a tip that someone told me about this new spot I'm having a lot of fun again I manage to get some trophies IDE of good size, I won't be satisfy until I land aa 6 kg one
  12. Levo_RF4 the trophy channel in your dc? what is that? where ir that? can you put the link of your trophy channel?
  13. Hello everyone, please can someone tell me why for me now it seems all spots here are dead? I have tryied to change everything, from bait, to leaders, to lines, to gb and I cannot get a bite, why for me the bites seems to have dissappear
  14. Hello everyone, I stopped getting bites in my old spot now I change to a new one and I got some interesting caughts!!, 1 trophy ide, 1 caspian kutum and a trophy roach
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