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  1. Hello everyone, I need your help please, the other day I hooked this small crevalle jack and got bitten by something unknown for me, I have a clue which fish is the guilty, I think I could have been a barracuda o a shark? what do you think guys, please comment my post and tell me who do you think is the guilty?
  2. Guest when I was 10ish, that was a funny and strange story Hello everyone, yesterday I went afternoon fishing with my dad to a boulevard here in my city where I live and go fishing in front of some breakwaters rocks, we always use cutbait of stripped mullet, small pieces in triangle form, we were gotting some blue runners so I got one of 15 grs and I decided to use it as a bait to go for something bigger, I was using a small hook and I know I have to change it but I didn't want to so I casted my line to the water, left the rod next to me and began to talk with my dad meanwhile I waited for something good, 15 minutes past and I saw that my rod moved and I set the hook and began to reel in and when it was closed to the rocks in began to ran very fast to my right and I hold strong the rod and the fish came to the surface and I saw it was a Barracuda of 10 pounds I think but she hooked off because the hook wasn't set on her mouth, she only had the blue runner on her mouth I think so
  3. yes a little because I put them on the sand when I took them out of the water
  4. hello everyone, Here I will be the one to share you my captures made on veracruz state here in México country, I'm fishing on a rivermouth of the Jamapa river and here you can find some of this species: 1.-(barred grunt since 200grs to 1kg), 2.- gaftopsail catfish (since 200grs to 2kgs), 3.- rabbitfish/fish-ballon (since 200grs to 4kgs), 4.- bluefish (since 500grs to 3kgs), I also fished, fought and landed a 5kgs stingray but I could not take a photo because the person who I asked for help broke my line, I also have saw feeding frenzy of big crevalle jacks and big snooks
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