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  1. @wildcarrotboyExactly! I appreciate that its "common knowledge" among the player base but I am yet to see anything formal from RF4 confirming that this is the case. Hopefully we can get a solid answer. Great response btw
  2. Hello there! I'm sure this has been answered but after many searches I have been unable to find a solid answer. When a player restarts the game, does this actually have any impact on their in-game experience? For example will a restart: Clear previous PVA/GB from the chosen waterbody? (if I cast out an incorrect pva and do not wish to mix with new pva) Help or refresh the spot? (I have seen previous mentions that the spots refresh independent of a player being online) Many thanks Gustav86
  3. MAP TUBA 147 23 CLIP 23 BLEAK BAITFISH (Sorry guys this wasnt within 3 hours please feel free to delete it was caught last night)
  4. 67:120 Clip 30 This big hog barely put up a fight haha glhf
  5. What a Monster! 55 63 Clip 23
  6. Person best Beloribitsa Whitefish 122 27 Clip 19-20 G9
  7. Winding Rivulet Grid: G6 Co-Ords: 107 - 100 Clip: 10m Think is my first weekly but it hasn't shown yet
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