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  1. Thank you for answering and answering my questions.
  2. hello good afternoon if you could take me out of a doubt is it possible to get this catfish with this reel? I collecting money to buy the come or the 27.5 kg rocket jet and I find this clear the images were taken from the page vk.com
  3. ok thanks i didn't know i was breaking my mouth so much thinking
  4. hello good morning someone could help me with this I do not understand float that I put sinks if someone can upload a photo so I give myself an idea thanks
  5. hello how can I pass my account to steam
  6. hello does anyone have any ready to make pva for all the fish
  7. Hi, I have a question, I don't know if it will happen to someone else because I am 1 minute in the game and it takes me to the desk and is very often
  8. hello a question why the download is so slow maximum 100kb / s my internet is 25mb
  9. hello why don't you let me change the avatar or the image?
  10. marcelo

    Casting Reels

    thanks you got me out of doubt
  11. marcelo

    Casting Reels

    if LP there are several but 1000 does not appear so I do not know which one to buy thanks for answering
  12. marcelo

    Casting Reels

    hello people a question that reel I have to buy for this rod since it asks me 1000 lp but I can not find any 1000 lp
  13. that casting rod and reel recommend me to buy that is not very expensive but that I can hold for fishing in kuori since I do not have many coins
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