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  1. I understand all these suggestions may not be for everyone and may have been suggested already so don't get mad while reading this :). I also understand that it's not plausible that they all will be added but would be cool if a dev liked the look of some and were added. I do see some people have suggested things along the lines of what I said but I feel I have gone into detail on why it's a good idea and added more details. I welcome any comments for and against these points, if against please let me know why and maybe I'll see it from your point of view and agree. Buyable catalog Quiet often while it's quiet when fishing I thought it would be nice to flick through a catalog to see what is in the shop and possible plans/targets to aim for. Volume slider for boats When I'm on my boat and streaming I have to turn my effects right down so viewers don't get bothered by the engine sound ticking over for hours. It's a pain that it removes all the other sounds that make fishing fun like the line being pulled off the rod ect. Rod pods I have noticed sitting outside one of your shops there is a rod pod just sitting there all modeled already but not added, I know others are thinking this as well. Bite alarms/ receivers If rod pods are added it would be nice to see bite alarms and possibly receivers. I have noticed people like to put 2 rods down then run down river to spin somewhere else, if they had wireless receivers it would stop people having to use the flickering menu to see if they have a fish on. Umbrellas Would be great to set an umbrella up to keep out of the rain to slow the drain of comfort if you're stationary at a swim. Mobile Phone I think it would be a great feature to add to check such things as Cafe orders, check shop stock and prices and possibly detailed weather reports. PB alert When you catch a fish that is your personal best it would be nice to see a little PB somewhere so you can easily see. Sprint controls Personally I think it would be great if we could get sprint and fast reel as seprate binds, sometimes I'd love to walk towards a fish and fast reel but it's not possible. Looking around When lure fishing it would be nice to be able to hold your rod down but able to look at where you're fishing. for example it would be able to hold alt and look around with just head and not arms/body. Food At the moment eating seems useless, most people just live off tea/coffee. Maybe give good a "well fed" bonus or something along those lines. Marketplace I see this is a subject mentioned a lot and I see why, all your old gear is useless and can't be sent to people. Another option would be to let you trade in your old gear for new at a cut price from a tackle shop. GPS A purchasable boat GPS so you can see where you're going without bringing up your map, can be a problem when you have a big fish on.
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