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  1. In the last month or so I have suddenly been getting fish jumping whilst being reeled in. Wonderful to see ! Has happened with 3X pike, 1X chinook salmon and 1X Taimen. Brian V.
  2. The volume of many of the sound effects seems to have been turned down since the Kuori update (fishing on Yama river). eg rod casting, walking sounds except on pebbles (which is normal). Reel winding sounds are also normal. Brian V.
  3. Thanks for the reply- so if I understand you correctly- the retrieve speed set using R+ mouse wheel is a measure of reel handle rotation so if I want to set the same linear speed on a lure when spin fishing with different reels, I need to take into account the retrieve speed, the spool diameter and the gear ratio ? Brian V.
  4. Just wondering if the retrieve rate set on a reel is line speed or rate of handle turning. Obviously the first one would be independent of reel type or spool diameter whilst the latter would be dependent on both. Brian V
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