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  1. Hello, I think my main account is broken. I can't cacth the fish i change map and still nothing, use different flovers still nothing... I can't fish like that... my name on main Account is eQeeMachine. I can't write from there becouse is steam login.
  2. Update: Add also orders from shop, example if something missing in one map, you can order it from home to you, but u will pay tax for it and wait some time to delivery. that's will be cool.
  3. My idea is to add smartphone to game, to be able in any time luck at Caffe oders or see how mouch something cost in Tacke/Hardware/Grocery shop. And add possibility to connect water camera to phone and in other update add water camera to see fish in water And another idea is to give any player for example per every level give 50 silver and duble it with every other level. For example 1-10 level 50 silver reward 10-20 level 100 silver reward 20-30 levle 150...
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