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  1. GioShark


    As in the real world, when trolling, you have the marine sounder that communicates the depth, so as to follow the seabed, because not all lures sail at the same depth. Personally, I often don't practice trolling in game for this very reason. You can't even look forward because you can't see if a fish has taken the bite and also, looking back to see the rods, you can't even see both. In short, the in-game trolling system should be really improved. I hope as soon as possible, because I love trolling and because I know for sure that all the players would be really happy. I therefore ask anyone who sees this post to quote and respond, everyone gives their opinion, maybe so, we will be taken into consideration. Many thanks.
  2. GioShark


    You will surely make many players happy by adding a minimap on the game screen while trolling with the boat. Please, it doesn't cost you anything to do it but towing without knowing where you are going is really annoying. I sincerely hope that you take this suggestion into consideration and that you will do so as soon as possible. Thank you. Translated with google translate.
  3. ok, so i guess you should change it from 1 pcs to 5 pcs per serving and the same for seewth dogs for the sugar, because it looks like a system error. Many thanks.
  4. I'm sorry for my english, but I don't understand why to make honey dough the request for honey is 1 pcs but when I create 1 quantity it takes away 5 pcs of honey. it's normal? My name in game is GioShark (other region) Thanks in advance
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