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  1. Bizman

    Recycling bin

    Even better: When I went into the tent to store my defect items I found the recycling bin by accident! It's right there in the lower right corner in the inventory: There's a box with an arrow and when you click it there's a bin. Choose an item and then click the bin and you'll be asked if you really want to throw your stuff away. Just what I asked for!
  2. Bizman

    Recycling bin

    Oh? Didn't know that! I put one broken reel on the drawer in the cabin and it still shows in my backpack so I thought it's similar in the tent. Thanks!
  3. Bizman

    Wind sound

    Thank you very much for such a nice game! I've only played it for a couple of weeks now but I already can tell that it's very refreshing. The landscapes and the absence of other players remind me of the countless childhood fishing sessions at our summer cottage by the river. Very relaxing! The sound environment is also very rich and true to nature, at night you can't hear daybirds etc. The only thing that bugs me is the sound of the wind which prevents me from using earphones although I really like the rest of the sounds. Even when it's calm or almost calm at 1 m/s or so the wind overruns the volume of songbirds and other background sounds which come out at a natural volume. Another suspect is accidentally using the Beaufort scale for the sound (and grass) despite the information given is metric. The movement of the grass doesn't quite match with the lightest winds but that's not a big issue. Then again the water surface seems to be in par with the metric wind values, that looks very natural. The background hum (I suppose it's wind) reminds me of a nearby crowded highway which is in contrast with the description of Mosquito Lake where I've been fishing so far. Another comparison is the rapid near our summer cottage, it makes a constant hum which can be heard on a calm night when everyone is sleeping. Only an occasional splash of a jumping fish breaks the silence at those wee hour moments. May I humbly suggest you to check the wind volume and the scale used? Keep up with the excellent job you've done!
  4. Bizman

    Recycling bin

    I'd also like a recycling bin for items that can't be repaired. Or at least a place outside the backpack/inventory. If I continue breaking a few items monthly it'll be hard to find the working ones!
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