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  1. Also i would like to ad that in some cases when You are fishing with a float and have a bit of line from the rod til the float the float jumps up and out of water as soon as You touch the rod. Also is it possible to change the angle of supports for float fishing rods.
  2. Hello Admins and hello all, I have a suggestion for the game. The game it self is called russian fishing, right? So why not add some new ways to catch fish as in Russia. Meaning that the there are such ways like, rodless bottom fishing(called zakidushka). Also for catching catfish it is possible to use quocks and some other tools. I mean there are so much different ways to catch fish, not just fly fishing or feeder of spinning.
  3. I have a suggetion. If it is russian fishing, i mean is it possible to add more ways to fish the fish i mean. Different fishing systems. Not only the traditional ones.
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