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  1. baso7589


    Admin supr this please
  2. baso7589


    For those who want to test their luck in weekly challange Sura river 105-35
  3. baso7589

    Akhtuba River

    45:102 for Eastern Bream and White-eye bream
  4. baso7589

    Akhtuba River

    I wanted level up my float fishing skill with herring and rudd But i put this feeder rod full cast in the curve And i cautch this big ass sturgeon
  5. baso7589

    Mosquito Lake

    clip 20m
  6. baso7589

    Mosquito Lake

    me too
  7. baso7589

    Spin Bait Casting Q&A

    I want test UL in this game and want see what can i do with UL weekly and leader of the week (i take advantage that most of people fish in Ladoga and all target same fish). So i fishing all the week with my UL setup, and i want share this great experience. My way to search is : take the most popular lure in UL (Nasty worm 2.5) and on go in maximum spot, never more than 1h. STARS : where i catch international UL weekly GREEN : good spot with lot of fish ORANGE : some fish RED : bad spot at this moment In Sura river In Volkhov In Oldburg Setup Realy good result ( 1800 silvers reward)
  8. baso7589

    Baits Q&A

  9. baso7589

    Sura River

    For perch baitfish... For spining level up... For fun.... ...this post is for you. 1H of fishing, 95% is perch with around 10 for baitfish
  10. baso7589

    Campfire stories

    yesterday, i catch a trophy zander for challenges but he didn't appear in weekly...
  11. baso7589

    Sura River

    Fun session (1h30) in 7m hole with texas rig
  12. baso7589

    Old Burg Lake

    rainy night in 38:57
  13. baso7589

    Old Burg Lake

    06:60 cheese
  14. baso7589

    Mosquito Lake

    Just bought 3 Bunessan Picker rod and in second test in Mosquito : in less than 1h with Honey dought, egg dought and semolina
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