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  1. is there any benefits for catching all the trophies in one waterbody?
  2. any body know what kind of rig is good for small and caution fish, e.g blue bream?
  3. I am not joking, I got the rod from a kit, you know poor people buy kit. and then when I have silver, I bought a Alfa reel and that it. this rod caught me a 10kg pikes in Old burge lake so I am still using it and it is the heavy spinning rod I have now.
  4. I have a question too. I am using braided line 21kg for my spinning rod(13.1kg) and Alfa Reel(14.5kg) and a mono leader of 15kg. after a few pikes, the braided line worn 30%. how this is happening? the line is the strongest link in the setup. I would expect my rod to wear faster,...
  5. anybody know what lures to use for these fishes? I only know them for feeder.
  6. you are right and I don't know why instant coffee is so expensive.
  7. I have a feeder rod(3.8m) and a carp rod(3.9), none can cast more than 45m. the most is 44.5 m. so is that my skill issue or I need a longer rod?
  8. Does anyone know what food recover energy fast? I lost energy fast while fighting fish and even with my hunger at 100% full. so what kind food is available to recover my energy fast? red bull or something like that?
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