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  1. Map: Ladoga Lake Coordinates: 40:51 Bait: Heaven Creek Maggot 4-004 I.G.N: Lagikaa
  2. Map: Akhtuba River Coordinates: 77:127 Bait: Mayfly I.G.N: Lagikaa
  3. Map: Akhtuba River Coordinates: 77:127 Bait: Mayfly I.G.N: Lagikaa
  4. Map: Akhtuba River Coordinates: 131:96 Bait: Mayfly I.G.N: Lagikaa
  5. Hi! I would like to ask a question. "Fishing with a carp rod" ability says that it increasing casting distance, accuracy and control of fish. Does it increase anything else? What I have in mind is that as admins said many times on forum, "+x% bottom fishing skill" increasing both bite rate, and fish size by a slight amount. So if fishing with a carp rod skill doesn't increase those at all... Than in terms of bite rate and fish size only (not counting the load capacity, casting distance etc), a royal feeder rod (+10%bottom fishing) is actually better than the kingfisher ti carp rod (+7%bottom fishing, +3 to fishing with a carp rod)? Thanks so much if someone can answer this to me.
  6. Up! I had the same idea in my mind nowdays. Would be very nice to have such feature in the game, I hope the developers will look into it.
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