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  1. Glad to hear, I'm closing the post if you come across any issues feel free to make another topic.
  2. Hello, Please uninstall the game. Then delete the game directory it was installed in. Finally, navigate to users\<username>\appdata and in each directory you find in there delete any folder with RF4 or RussianFishing in the name. (You may need to show hidden files and folders to see this). Then reinstall the game.
  3. The subject of this discussion is: Q: Where can you catch the fish species? A: All water bodies except Cottage pond, Kuori Lake, Lower Tunguska River and Yama River Q: On which water body are they most frequently caught? A: Winding Rivulet, Old Burg Lake, Volkhov River Q: What setup do you catch it with? A: Simple float fishing rods are the best way to catch it, I would suggest using a fluorocarbon line 1.2kg - 1.7kg with a hook size in between 18 and 24, with a depth set in between 17-30cm Example of the setup I would use to catch bleak: Q: Is there any recommended setup? A: The bamboo rod from the cottage pond as it has a fast action, and the test on the rod is more than enough. Q: What is their bait? A: They can be caught with a lot of different kinds of bait such as Fly, Pearl barley, Caster, Blood worm, Maggot. For more baits please check the weekly records. Q: Groundbait? A: There is no known groundbait for these species. Additional information: Bleaks are great to catch for beginners, medium level player and high level players. Bleaks are usually caught because they are small fish with great experience, also are a cheap alternative way to train your harvesting baits skill. You do require a bait bucket and must have harvesting baits skills greater than 65%. The bleak baitfish are mostly used by the medium/high level players to fish for Beloribitsa whitefish using baitfish rig setup with a bottom fishing rod. Even after being able to make the baitfish you are still required to have 85% in bottom fishing skill to be able to use the setup.
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